Thursday, 13 January 2011

Grace Coddington

The festive period is well and truly over and I am now back at Uni and back to working hard in Nottingham. After 3 days of chilling out and getting back into the Uni routine I had my first lecture today and it was all about styling. Now I'm not really interested in the styling side of fashion as a career for myself, but I do find it extremely interesting and exciting. In the lecture we were told about a few famous editorial stylists, but one that I am really interested in is Grace Coddington. Most people probably know of her from her role in 'The September Issue', but she is a huge icon on the styling scene and currently works for American Vogue. I love her work which is all so dramatic and almost fairy-tale like. She really uses the imagination to create an extravagant scene which tells a story. Here are some of my favourite pieces of her work. 

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The lady herself


  1. I just watched The September Issue and I came across your blog while searching for her work. It is just magical isn't it? I would love to be able to get some of these images in a larger size....*drool* She is so talented - I can't imagine how she can work within the marketing confines of the magazine though. She should have an exhibition of her work because it needs to see the light of day. How do you reckon the copyright works with photoshoots - is it considered a collaboration between the creative director/stylist and the photographer?


  2. American Vogue is way ahead of the other "Vogues" - and elegant Grace is the reason why. Her compositions are so interest laden and continually draw you back.