Friday, 25 February 2011

More Recent Purchases

It has been a while since I last posted about any new clothes that I have bought, and I realised I have built up quite a collection in the last couple of months. So here are a few of the clothes that I have purchased recently, apologies for the terrible photos though, the lighting in my tiny little room at uni is horrible and I wasn't quite sure where to do them so I just stuck them on the door of my wardrobe... you get the idea though!

Playsuit, Primark
 Cant wait to wear this with bare legs and sandals in the summer, but for now it's tights and boots!

Denim shorts. Topshop
 Should of really ironed these!

Blouse, 202
Terrible blurry photo!

Mac, Primark
Love the stripy lining on this coat

Jumper, H&M

Blouse, New Look

Dress, Ark

Playsuit, 202
Will be wearing this one tomorrow night for my trip to Sheffield!

Dress, H&M
spotting a theme here with the black dresses...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Guerrilla Marketing

One of the projects I am currently doing is a Design and Visual Culture presentation on 2 subjects of my choice. I decided to talk about Guerrilla Marketing as one of my topics because I think there are some hugely exciting advertisements and marketing techniques that are going on at the moment. For anyone that doesn't know, guerrilla marketing is an unusual and exciting way of advertising which has a huge impact on the audience because it is so unexpected or shocking. Here are some examples of my favorite campaigns.

Nike ball in the side of a building in Mexico 

Australian Childhood Foundation campaign- mannequin of a child under the billboard, awareness of neglect.

Alberta Travel, underground station in Vancouver advertising their ski holidays 

Flogers Coffee- manhole covers in New York made to look like a steaming cup of coffee

IWC watches in an airport bus "try before you buy"

Bus stop in New York made to look like an Ikea living room

Free air guitar- a promotion for a rock radio station

Public toilet- advertisement for ESPN Football

Park Bench advert for Kit Kat

Straw advertising a yoga centre in Shanghai, China

Volkswagen car sculptured out of ice in London- lasted only 12 hours but generated 4 weeks worth of press

3M put what looked like 3 million dollars of cash in between their new security glass in a bus stop- to prove it was unbreakable

'The Day After Tomorrow' billboard was submerged under water in Mumbai, recreating the films storyline 

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Isle Of Wight

Last weekend I went on a little trip to the Isle of Wight with my family. I have been going to the island for as long as I can remember as we have a little holiday house down there which is normally rented out. When I was younger I remember going at least once a month for a little weekend getaway. However, as me and my brother got older we began going less and less due to social things, work and generally being moody teenagers who couldn't think of anything worse than being stuck on a remote island with just each other for company. However, as we have grown up a bit now, I like to think, we have come to appreciate what a beautiful place it is and how nice it is to pop off for the weekend to be by the seaside, a far cry from middle-of-the-county-Nottingham!

We didn't really do anything of significance, just nice little walks on the beach and trips to picturesque towns and tea and cakes in coffee shops. Obviously though it is definitely much better when the sun shines and on Saturday we were lucky enough to have glorious weather, me and mum even 'sunbathed' (not quite warm enough for a bikini yet) in the garden. Here are a few little photos I got while I was there.

View from the bedroom window

A collection of the shells found at the beach

Garden wall- most commonly used for hiding easter eggs

Yarmouth Pier

Nothing is better than a warm fire in the evening

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mac- Wonder Woman

Mac's new Wonder Woman range launches today in Selfridges!! Although, unfortunately there aren't any Selfridges' in Nottingham so wont be able to get my hands on any until the nationwide release date on 3rd March. I just absolutely love the packaging for this range. It is what Mac does best, fun, quirky and crazily colourful. I have always been a huge fan of mac make up and refuse to wear any other foundation apart from their studio fix fluid! They do collaborations and new ranges so well and I think it has to be their gorgeous yet sophisticated packaging that does it for me. The new Wonder Woman range looks so retro and fun and will definitely brighten up your make up bag... roll on 3rd March!

Monday, 14 February 2011


Flicking through my recent edition of Vogue I couldn't help but notice all the summery adverts. All over the shop there are images of beaches and bikinis and bright blue skies, which, although it is only February, reminds us all that summer will eventually come. Summer is definitely the best time of year and all these images of sun and sand has got me rather excited and just wishing the dull months of February were over so I can spend all day lying in the sun... aaahhhh bliss!

Paul and Joe 

Salvatore Ferragamo

Juicy Couture




Michael Kors

Salvatore Ferragamo