Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Afflecks Palace

Last weekend I took a little trip up to Manchester for my best friends birthday, a weekend full of cocktails, cringey dancing, too much food and strippers... thats another story! I've only ever been to Manchester once when I went to look at the university on an open day and didn't see very much of the city. But I must say I love it! Theres so many amazing shops, definitely heaven for a shopaholic. My favorite place has to be Afflecks Palace, a little shopping emporium, or indoor market in the Northern Quarter. The building housed a section for everyone, from punky shops full of scary looking metal things which go through unimaginable body parts to beautiful vintage shops full of glamorous dresses and jewelery. However I must say my favorite shop had to be one which reminded me of the clothes from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (my top guilty pleasure of the moment!) The outfits were insane, not to my personal taste but you could tell a lot of hard work and detail and gone into every garment. I tried to take some photos but as always I got told off many times and told to delete them, although I managed to get a few sneaky ones.  Here are some of my cheeky photos, sorry there not the best quality!