Thursday, 31 March 2011


Loving these colours for Spring/Summer time, NEED those wedges!!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Showstopper! And The Fashion and Textile Museum... LONDON

Yesterday I went to London on another little day trip with my Mum, popping off to London for the day seems to of become a regular occurrence these days. We originally just planned to go up to see a show my Mum found called "Showstoppers". Reading about what it involved I was a little sceptical. It is an improvised show where the story is different every night. The actors completely improvise everything, including songs and dances based on what the audience shout out they want to see. The tickets were only £10 so we thought there wasn't much to lose and gave it a shot. Well, I must say, I was absolutely blown away. It was incredible how these ridiculously talented actors just make up a storyline on the spot. There were some hilarious moments, and I was genuinely smiling the whole way through, and even started crying at one point from laughter! I don't know how the actors stay calm, it must be completely terrifying being on a stage in front of hundreds of people and not knowing what you are about to do, as every actors worst nightmare is forgetting their lines on stage. I would 100% recommended this show to anyone, and I am even considering going again next week (it is only on every Tuesday) to see a whole new story!

A sneaky shot of the stage before the show
So we decided to make a day of it and went up in the morning for a little gander about in London Town. We ended up going to the Fashion and Textile museum which I cant believe I haven't been to before! The exhibition at the moment is about Sue Timney and all her work. She has done some amazing designs and the exhibition looked stunning. Here are just a few of the many photos that I took.

We also went for a wander around Covent Garden and to Neal's Yard so that I could take some photos for the current project I am doing on Neal's Yard Remedies.

We then moved on to London Bridge which I haven't been to in years, I felt like such a tourist snapping away all over the place!

Finally we went for dinner in La Tasca for some amazing Spanish tapas, and of course, sangria, definitely my favourite restaurant! Yummmmmy!

Monday, 28 March 2011


Happy Monday everyone, hope it hasn't been too bad! I am now home from Uni for 2 weeks so am becoming a lady of leisure for a fortnight, although I have got a whole brand book to write but I'm not worrying too much at the moment! Yesterday and today I have been doing a little bit of shopping. As is the way, I seem to have run out of all of my toiletries and make-up at once, not a great time for the bank balance! I mixed up my usual products a bit and decided to try out a few new things. Heres what I bought:

I bought 2 new mascaras, as I am an absolute sucker for them and seem to need a new one every month. I normally stick to using the same one, but I was feeling brave and decided to give some others a go to see what I was missing out on. The first one is Maybelline's 'One by One Volume Express.

This one was on special offer and was only about £6 if I remember correctly. I am a big fan of volumnising mascaras, and much prefer to have extra volume rather than length.

However I think this mascara did the complete opposite, it made my lashes really long but didn't give any volume. My eyelashes resulted in a kind of 'spindly' look (the only word I can think of that describes it) I wasn't a big fan of this mascara and probably wont use it again.

The second mascara I bought was L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes.

I have wanted to try this one for a while after seeing it on a couple of other blogs. I think it was about £11.

This mascara, again, gave great length and slightly more volume than the other. It goes on really easily and feels nice to put on. These pictures make my eyes look slightly creepy and spider-like, but my eyelashes did look a lot better from further away and I would definitely recommend this mascara. 

Of course I couldn't of gone shopping without purchasing a few items of clothing!!

I have wanted some trousers like this for a while as I think they are perfect for the transition from winter to spring. These are from H&M for a mere £9.99!  

And obviously I had to buy a top to go with the trousers. This is also from H&M, a snip at £5.99

I found these cute little shoes in New Look which I will be wearing with a floral summer dress or playsuit. I like that they have a slight heel, as I am not the tallest of girls, but they are still incredibly comfortable.

Finally I got this hat from Primark. I saw it in there a couple of weeks ago but convinced myself I wouldn't wear it. However, I kept thinking about it since and when I saw it was still in stock I just had to snap it up!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lindsey Wixson

THE model of the moment, this girl is literally everywhere! Flicking through my huge pile of magazines that my Mum keeps for me when I return home (I am now back home for Easter for 2 weeks) she is pretty much in all of them! She has got such a striking and unusual look which goes against the conventional norms of beauty, and some of the shoots she has done are stunning, including her recent shoot in Aprils Vogue.

I have been watching The Model Agency on channel 4 and they are always talking about the best models being the unusual 'alien' looking girls, and without being harsh I think she fits this category... in a good way! She also rocks the gappy teeth look which has been around for a while, which I am pretty pleased about as I have a slight gap in between my front teeth, I must just be so fashionable!! Has anyone else been watching The Model Agency? It is my new television obsession, along with The Great British Hairdresser of course! These have been filling the hole that Take Me Out has left!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Trends for S/S '11 and A/W '11

On Tuesday I had a lecture about the forthcoming trend for spring/summer '11 and autumn/winter '11. It was interesting to find out that each year there are key trends which come round every summer. Although it is kind of obvious and I had realised that we seem to see a lot of the same trends year after year, but it was cool to know exactly what these trends are. The re-occurring trends for each summer are:

  • Brights- oranges and yellows, often called tropical or sun-drenched

  • Pastels- something with a softer colour palette to off-set the brights

  • Feminine- sheer, floaty fabrics, often called romantic, bohemian or fairytale 

  • Florals - can be bold or ditsy print 

  • Culture Swap- global, african print, ethnic, oriental

Each summer these trends are given different spins each summer and different names etc.

Along with these macro trends there are also smaller sub-trends which tend to change year to year. The sub-trends for this summer are:

  • The 1970's
  • Spare Luxury- minimalist, modern, clean and fresh
  • Full Length- floaty dresses, maxi skirts
  • Lace- saturation of colour, bright colours and white lace. Crochet knit
  • Lady-like- pleats, blouses, twin-sets with a contemporary spin

We also had to look though catwalk shoots from the fashion weeks and pick up on what we thought were going to be the key trends for A/W '11. These were:

  • 1940's- fur collars, below the knee skirts, blouses
  • Fetish- avant garde, edgy, bondage, sheer, leather
  • Homespun- blankets, knits, homemade poncho's. quilting, folk. crochet
  • Graphic- dots, squares, blocks of colour, linear, grid
  • Historical- gathered necklines, corsets, ruffles, tudor, renaissance
  • Colour- block colours, reds and berries, deep hues, browns, mustards. Also jewel colours like jade, and cobalt.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Shopping Trip

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip/splurge. I was in dire need of some retail therapy to make me feel better and you know what, I think it worked! I haven't been properly shopping in quite a while so it was long overdue. I was excited to see all of the summer clothes coming into stores and lots of bikinis and swimwear!!! I'm also excited to see the new block colour trends, makes a bit of a change from the creams and camels we've been seeing for ages. I didnt go crazy, just got a few items:

Yellow top- H&M- £19.99.
 I have been wanting a yellow top for agesss! Its so summary, cant wait to wear it!

Shorts- H&M- £14.99.
Also been looking for these shorts for a long time, and they were so cheap!

Leather skirt- H&M- £14.99
This photo makes it look horrible, but it is nice I promise. I don't like zips down the front of skirts so I think I will turn it around and wear it the other way. 

Satchel- Primark- £7.
Can you beleive this bag is from Primarni, I love it!! Although it does smell horrible, like cheap plastic but im sure that will wear off soon!

Bracelets- H&M and Primark, roughly £2-3 each.
I love these kind of bracelets, I have wanted some ever since I saw the H&M bracelets on Christine's blog here: 

Headband- Primark- £2.
I wasn't sure whether to buy this or not because I always buy hair accessories and never wear them but I thought this would be really nice for summer and the 70's trend. You can also use it as a belt or a necklace.. the possibilities are endless!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Blogging Masterclass

Last night I went to a 'blogging masterclass' with none other than Susie Lau from Style Bubble and Stevie from Discotheque Confusion. The talk was held at Topshop in Nottingham and I was so excited to go and listen to these inspirational women talk about how they set up their blogs 6 years ago, before this huge blogging trend took off, and they are now huge successes. Both of the girls talked us through how they started their blog and gave us advice and tips. I was especially excited to see Susie as her blog was one of the first ever blogs I read when I was searching google for fashion blogs when I first started thinking about writing my own. I hadn't heard much about Stevie's blog, although Ive been reading it now and I absolutely love it! They were telling us how they reported during fashion month all over the country and all the great things that have come out of their blog. It felt almost like meeting a celebrity and I felt very jealous of their lives! Here are a few photos I took:

Susie and Stevie

Susie Lau

Tasha and Susie (not that Susie!)

What's this? A lollipop.. no its a cake on a stick! One of the best inventions ever, these things taste amazing!!

You can see their blogs here:

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tonsils and Tea

I haven't posted in nearly a week now which seems like a long time, but I do have an excuse, promise. Ive been taken down by the crippling illness that is tonsilitus. I hate my tonsils! I seem to get it ALL the time, really should do something about getting them ripped out pretty soon!

In the last week I have spent the predominance of my time in bed. Although I still managed to make my way to lectures, luckily the worst of it was at the weekend. However I have watched A LOT of TV. I seem to have exhausted every single slightly interesting programme on 4od/iPlayer/ITV Player. I also managed to finally watch a few films Iv been meaning to watch for a while, including Avatar, Factory Girl, Desperately Seeking Susan and American Gigolo.. most of which were good! So I feel like I have slightly achieved something!

I have also been doing quite a bit of reading. I started off with some of my marketing books but that seemed to give me more of a headache so I moved on to magazines. I've also been reading some of the cards I got sent when I was in America for the summer from friends and family. They are now stuck on my wall because they make me smile, so thought I would share them, hope they make you smile!

I also seemed to have become addicted to tea! Theres nothing better than sitting down with a nice cuppa, I cant believe I lived without it for so long! Might go and have one now actually :)

Friday, 11 March 2011

My Little Book of Style

I made a discovery today, I re-found my little book of style which I used to update all the time with images cut out from magazines of outfits and styles I love. I used to update my book all the time and it became my bible if I was ever deciding on an outfit and was stuck for ideas, it would be my book of inspiration. However I haven't added to it or looked at it in months now and its looking a little out of date. I've decided I am going to start adding to it again and cut out any inspiring images or outfits that I love, it can be chapter two of my bible!

Here are a few photos of the pages of my book:

Isn't it funny how your taste and style changes so much, some of these outfits that I loved as little as a year ago, I now think are horrible!