Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lindsey Wixson

THE model of the moment, this girl is literally everywhere! Flicking through my huge pile of magazines that my Mum keeps for me when I return home (I am now back home for Easter for 2 weeks) she is pretty much in all of them! She has got such a striking and unusual look which goes against the conventional norms of beauty, and some of the shoots she has done are stunning, including her recent shoot in Aprils Vogue.

I have been watching The Model Agency on channel 4 and they are always talking about the best models being the unusual 'alien' looking girls, and without being harsh I think she fits this category... in a good way! She also rocks the gappy teeth look which has been around for a while, which I am pretty pleased about as I have a slight gap in between my front teeth, I must just be so fashionable!! Has anyone else been watching The Model Agency? It is my new television obsession, along with The Great British Hairdresser of course! These have been filling the hole that Take Me Out has left!


  1. I have been watching too and I am obsessed! It's really great to see what goes on behind the scenes. I also love these images, and about the gappy teeth thing - apparently girls have actually been going to their dentist to ask if they can put a gap in their teeth... haha! Your blog is lovely by the way :) xo

  2. She's stunning!

    xo, H

  3. ive seen this girl a few times and think exactly the same.

    i LOVE model agency babes- my favourite, saturday night televison is so rubbish now take me out has gone! need something new to fill the gap xxxx