Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nylon and Drapers

My Saturday morning was spent in the library (well i say morning more like midday by the time I got out of bed), However, I cant really say I was working too hard. I was mostly flicking through magazines and reading journals, which I am lucky enough to pass off as work as I am doing a fashion course. Whilst having a little nosey through the new edition of Nylon magazine I came across this gorgeous photo shoot which i fell in love with! I think it just epitomises Spring and I am even more in love with this Mulberry bag, I need it in my life!!

Another thing I found quite interesting whilst reading Drapers was the launch of the ASOS facebook store. I didn't realise that from the end of January you could buy things from ASOS through facebook. The increasing amount of retailers on social networking sites is crazy and it seems that soon we wont even leave our houses because you can literally do everything at home from your computer! I'm not a huge fan of online shopping and would much prefer a little wander down the shops, I think online shopping takes the fun out of retail therapy. Especially if you can so easily access a shop through your facebook profile, there will be no stopping those with little self control!

I also discovered the new website 'Style Passport' in Drapers which launches this spring. It is an online store dedicated to everything and anything you could possibly need for a holiday, and all year round. The shops only stock beach wear and summery clothes in the summer and with the increasing number of people taking holidays to sunny climates during winter months I think this is a really good business idea.


  1. That mulberry bag is beautiful <3

  2. omg that bag is divine! x

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