Thursday, 24 March 2011

Trends for S/S '11 and A/W '11

On Tuesday I had a lecture about the forthcoming trend for spring/summer '11 and autumn/winter '11. It was interesting to find out that each year there are key trends which come round every summer. Although it is kind of obvious and I had realised that we seem to see a lot of the same trends year after year, but it was cool to know exactly what these trends are. The re-occurring trends for each summer are:

  • Brights- oranges and yellows, often called tropical or sun-drenched

  • Pastels- something with a softer colour palette to off-set the brights

  • Feminine- sheer, floaty fabrics, often called romantic, bohemian or fairytale 

  • Florals - can be bold or ditsy print 

  • Culture Swap- global, african print, ethnic, oriental

Each summer these trends are given different spins each summer and different names etc.

Along with these macro trends there are also smaller sub-trends which tend to change year to year. The sub-trends for this summer are:

  • The 1970's
  • Spare Luxury- minimalist, modern, clean and fresh
  • Full Length- floaty dresses, maxi skirts
  • Lace- saturation of colour, bright colours and white lace. Crochet knit
  • Lady-like- pleats, blouses, twin-sets with a contemporary spin

We also had to look though catwalk shoots from the fashion weeks and pick up on what we thought were going to be the key trends for A/W '11. These were:

  • 1940's- fur collars, below the knee skirts, blouses
  • Fetish- avant garde, edgy, bondage, sheer, leather
  • Homespun- blankets, knits, homemade poncho's. quilting, folk. crochet
  • Graphic- dots, squares, blocks of colour, linear, grid
  • Historical- gathered necklines, corsets, ruffles, tudor, renaissance
  • Colour- block colours, reds and berries, deep hues, browns, mustards. Also jewel colours like jade, and cobalt.


  1. Cool post, thanks for the info about the trends. I like a lot of them, especially the bright colors. :)


  2. First is totally my favorite I'd strut that if I had the body or the cash hahaha