Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I have always said that no matter what happens I will never wear orange. I just think the colour is wrong to be worn as clothes and it should stick to being a fruit. However, the inevitable has happened, orange is THE colour for Spring /Summer 2011. Nightmare! Although, it has to be said, it is growing on me and looking at photos from the recent catwalks it does look pretty good on. However I definitely think that it looks a lot better on darker girls and maybe not the best against my pale skin. I think perhaps this is a trend that I will watch from afar. Having said that, I am loving yellow at the moment and am currently on a search for a nice yellowy/mustardy coloured top, will keep you updated on my search!

Sorry these photos are terrible, not sure what went wrong there! 


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    I'm loving this seasons colour trend. We both come from the guildford area, what a coincidence!

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  4. I like colours, this is so beautiful! :) Super post!