Friday, 18 March 2011

Shopping Trip

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip/splurge. I was in dire need of some retail therapy to make me feel better and you know what, I think it worked! I haven't been properly shopping in quite a while so it was long overdue. I was excited to see all of the summer clothes coming into stores and lots of bikinis and swimwear!!! I'm also excited to see the new block colour trends, makes a bit of a change from the creams and camels we've been seeing for ages. I didnt go crazy, just got a few items:

Yellow top- H&M- £19.99.
 I have been wanting a yellow top for agesss! Its so summary, cant wait to wear it!

Shorts- H&M- £14.99.
Also been looking for these shorts for a long time, and they were so cheap!

Leather skirt- H&M- £14.99
This photo makes it look horrible, but it is nice I promise. I don't like zips down the front of skirts so I think I will turn it around and wear it the other way. 

Satchel- Primark- £7.
Can you beleive this bag is from Primarni, I love it!! Although it does smell horrible, like cheap plastic but im sure that will wear off soon!

Bracelets- H&M and Primark, roughly £2-3 each.
I love these kind of bracelets, I have wanted some ever since I saw the H&M bracelets on Christine's blog here: 

Headband- Primark- £2.
I wasn't sure whether to buy this or not because I always buy hair accessories and never wear them but I thought this would be really nice for summer and the 70's trend. You can also use it as a belt or a necklace.. the possibilities are endless!


  1. I really like the shorts.
    i saw them the other day in H&M and I was so close to buying them but I kind of want to wait so I can do all my shopping at once (more satisfying that way) but I'll definitely be getting them!!

  2. those shorts are so cute! i have a navy pair like that from h&m. i'm thinking of doing clothing posts too haha! and YAY! glad you got a bracelet. the one you have, i have it in like 4 different colors, love it so much!
    awesome post sweetie x

  3. Im now in love with these shorts!!
    going have a little nosey for these at the trafford centre tomorrow.
    also the feather handband is gorgeous, im glad you got it :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. everything is gorgeous! love love love the shorts!

  5. i actually like all the clothes that you bought! the leather skirt<3 i keep telling myself no more shopping but then i go and buy a $700 leather jacket.. fail LOL. lovely blog :) x

  6. That's nice... I love the bag, the leather skirt and the yellow top is perfect for the coming season!!! Yellow will seem to be everywhere this summer!! It's so refreshing!

  7. excellent finds, i love the yellow shirt, the shorts and the bag. so cute

  8. The bag is really cute and i couldnt help but chuckle at the horrible smill comment b/c that happens to me all the time with bags but i keep hoping it goes .

  9. love your style! I haven't been having luck at my H&M lately :( I have never seen such cute stuff that like what you posted! good finds esp love the leather skirt!! :)

  10. i really like your bloG!
    check mine if you like:

  11. Oh my god, I LOVE the H&M leather skirt!!

    Lea Soe,

  12. I have to say that i love every single item you purchased.

  13. Great items, I love that leather skirt, I will have to go searching for it!
    thanks for sharing


  14. May I please have those shorts...they are EXACTLY what I am after. Damn H&M for now shopping Australian online:( Great purchases hun.Definitely following you xx