Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Showstopper! And The Fashion and Textile Museum... LONDON

Yesterday I went to London on another little day trip with my Mum, popping off to London for the day seems to of become a regular occurrence these days. We originally just planned to go up to see a show my Mum found called "Showstoppers". Reading about what it involved I was a little sceptical. It is an improvised show where the story is different every night. The actors completely improvise everything, including songs and dances based on what the audience shout out they want to see. The tickets were only £10 so we thought there wasn't much to lose and gave it a shot. Well, I must say, I was absolutely blown away. It was incredible how these ridiculously talented actors just make up a storyline on the spot. There were some hilarious moments, and I was genuinely smiling the whole way through, and even started crying at one point from laughter! I don't know how the actors stay calm, it must be completely terrifying being on a stage in front of hundreds of people and not knowing what you are about to do, as every actors worst nightmare is forgetting their lines on stage. I would 100% recommended this show to anyone, and I am even considering going again next week (it is only on every Tuesday) to see a whole new story!

A sneaky shot of the stage before the show
So we decided to make a day of it and went up in the morning for a little gander about in London Town. We ended up going to the Fashion and Textile museum which I cant believe I haven't been to before! The exhibition at the moment is about Sue Timney and all her work. She has done some amazing designs and the exhibition looked stunning. Here are just a few of the many photos that I took.

We also went for a wander around Covent Garden and to Neal's Yard so that I could take some photos for the current project I am doing on Neal's Yard Remedies.

We then moved on to London Bridge which I haven't been to in years, I felt like such a tourist snapping away all over the place!

Finally we went for dinner in La Tasca for some amazing Spanish tapas, and of course, sangria, definitely my favourite restaurant! Yummmmmy!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. The textile museum looks amazing! Jealous of your tapas too, yum!

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