Thursday, 3 March 2011


I went for a quick peek in Topshop yesterday, which I regret doing every time because it just makes me more upset about all the clothes that I cant buy! But I managed to resist and didn't purchase anything, although my wishlist has now doubled! Here are some of my top picks from the new collections in Topshop. I just hope I can get some hours at Topshop when I go back for Easter so that I can get my discount back and buy lots of lovely clothes!!

Wow there's more than I thought here, would still love all of these in my wardrobe though... probably not gonna happen!


  1. There are quite a few you want to purchase lol :) xx

  2. Well you could knock the hat off the list as I am SURE you wouldn't wear it :)

  3. I love the American flag shorts, I have blogged about them in my last two posts haha! Lovely blog <3

  4. Oh! The clothes you have posted are so cool!! I love Topshop!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  5. ooh I love all these! it sucks when you look at stuff on the internet, find loads of stuff you want and then can't get any of it, i do it nearly every day :( lol

  6. Hi hun, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Good choice of toppers stuff chick, a few too many items I am currently drooling over myself too lol.
    Have a fab weekend.

  7. new follower here!
    we don't have topshop in canada, we have a small store that carries a limited amount of stuff.. this post is making me want to go shopping now haha! but i really like that pair of shorts. i got a pair like that from urban outfitters! x