Sunday, 6 March 2011

U.S Presentation

On Friday I had another presentation (2 in one week!) but this time it was in a group so wasn't nearly as daunting. It went surprisingly well and I have learnt that I actually quite enjoy presenting, which is odd! It was about U.S retailing compared to the U.K and we had to discuss recommendations that we could bring to the U.K. The focus was on New York as there was a trip organised in January with my course, however I didn't go because I had only just been in the summer. One of the things we talked about was visual merchandising, in particular window displays. New York definitely have it spot on with their displays and they are streaks ahead of the U.K in that respect. There are some amazing spectacles to look at, especially around Christmas. Here are just a few of the photos courtesy of my friend Daisy who took these in January.


Cole Haan

Louis Vuitton

Bergdorf Goodman


Forever 21- inside the store

Diesel moving window display

Saks- snowflakes and bubbles projected onto the building

Hollister- video of the sea on the outside of the building 

Esprit sale window

Forever 21 interactive video camera on Times Square


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