Sunday, 17 April 2011

I Went Shopping Again...

Although I am meant to be saving for my Europe travels this summer (more on that another time) I can't resist but to do a bit of shopping with all of these gorgeous summer clothes in the shops at the moment. Without intention I seemed to have been drawn towards dresses and bought a grand total of 4 in the last 2 weeks! Although I must add that they were all very cheap so I have still been very good with my savings! 

Also just FYI in case you didn't know, River Island have got 50% off their sale stuff at the moment and they have got a few nice things in there so definitely worth a look, its soooo cheap!

Dress- River Island, reduced from £45 to £7.50!!!

Dress-River Island, reduced from £27 to £7.50

Dress- Primark, £15

Dress-New Look, £15

Shoes- Primark, £14


  1. Wow, you got some amazing pieces and for such good prices! Love the red Primark number but all their dresses are too long for me :( I might email them and ask them to do a petite range, haha.

    Rosie x

  2. Wow these are gorgeous, a love the first dress it's stunning! I agree with Rosie I find most of Primark's dresses too long as well x

  3. so jealous of your RI bargains! i havn't had any luck in the sales recently!
    where did you go in America? did you travel afterwards?

  4. love everything!!! especially the navy dress! My family is planning a Europe trip for this summer too and I can't wait to go shopping for it!!

  5. haha the sale has been a nightmare for me! I work in there and its been the busiest sale in my whole 5 years working there... crazy! Everyones loving a bargain xoxox

  6. @Rosie and Princess Pancake- I completely agree with you, Primark dresses are too long, iv never bought a dress in there before because of it but im planning on wearing the red dress with a thick belt to make it a bit shorter! :) You should definitely email them Rosie, good plan!

    @Laura- I went to a camp in Pennsylvania, it was amazing, and i traveled a little bit afterwards only to New York and Atlantic City, I was planning on staying longer but not many other people were travelling and I ran out of money! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or anything at all about it! :)

    @Pamela- So exciting! Im planning on doing loads of shopping for my trip, shouldn't really though! Have an amazing time!

    @Jessica- Aw poor you, i know how you feel, i work in Topshop and sale time is HORRIBLE! I never normally look in the sale sections cos its so busy and messy but couldnt resist when I saw how cheap everything was!


  7. LOVED your purchases.Especially the blue dress~

  8. loooove the dress !

  9. Love all of these! Especially the shoes!

  10. haha that is always the case, you got some right bargains though. love that first river island dress and those shoes. Primark?? no freekin way.

    Helen, X