Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vogue- Heat Wave

The day has finally come, I have completely and utterly completed my first year of University! Crazy! Now for 2 weeks of absolutely nothing to do while the rest of my friends finish their courses, and then back home for summer. I plan to spend these next two weeks doing lots of exercise and getting in shape for summer, planning my Europe trip, and reading lots of magazines. The latter has already begun and I just wanted to share with you the Vogue spread in June's issue- Heat Wave. This has got me so excited for summer and I just cant wait to be as tanned as the model in this shoot.

If only my legs were that long as well!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Birthdays, tea parties, presents and movies

Ok, so first off, apologies for being away from the blogging world for a little while, I've been crazy busy with uni work (got my hand in date for all my projects next Friday, then I am finished for summer!!! woooo!)  and I also reached the grand old age of 20 last weekend! I had such a lovely weekend, my best friend visited and we went out on the Saturday night for a very crazy one then had a lovely chilled, hungover day on my birthday, the Sunday. My friends organised me a yellow tea party (very random, but apparently I always seem to eat yellow food so they made me a tea party with EVERYTHING yellow! ha!)

The most amazing lemon drizzle cake!

I also got some gorgeous presents from friends and family:

Bag- Topshop
Beaded Top- Miss Selfridge

Shorts- Topshop

Shorts- Topshop

Palazzo trousers- New Look

Top- Topshop
Charm- Thomas Sabo

On another random note, I went to see 'Water For Elephants' last night. I just read the book after my mum recommended it to me and I absolutely loved it so was really excited to see the film. And I must say, it didnt disappointed. It was so exciting seeing the characters in my mind bought to life and I think the film definitely did the book justice, despite a few changes. I'm not normally a fan of Robert Pattinson, in fact I would go as far as saying I really didn't like him, but he has seemed to have won me over in this film. If you havent seen it already I would definatly recommend it, 5 star!

Friday, 6 May 2011

What I am Loving at the Moment

Sitting in the Sunshine- the weather has been unusually amazing for this time of year so I am definaitly making the most of it, especially as its meant to get rubbish again very soon! Noooooo!

Drinking Green Tea- I am loving all kinds of tea at the moment, but especially green tea as it tastes so good AND its good for you! Bonus!
Exercise Classes- I seem to quite enjoy the gym and exercising which is kind of good I guess because if I didn't I would be obese by now with the amount of food I eat! I have been doing lots of different classes at my gym including Zumba, Pilates and a new one- Fitness Hula Hoop- exactly what says on the tin, an hour of hula hooping- amazing for your core and hilarious at the same time! 

Planning my Europe Trip- Ahhhh Im SO excited!! Me and my friend are going to be travelling around Europe for just over a month this summer so we are just in the process of planning it all. We have booked our flights and will hopefully be booking the interrail ticket tomorrow, thats £400 out of my bank :/ I cant wait though, its gonna be amazing! We are thinking of doing mostly eastern europena cities like Prague, Budapest etc and Island Hoping in Croatia! If anyones been or has any tips on places to go or advice, please let me know! :)

90210- Oh how I love thee! This programme is the best! After each epidsode every week I am left shocked by the cliffhanger at the end. Just. Amazing!

Crop Tops- I am loving anything cropped at the moment. Crop tops are just so summery and look great with anything. 

Ed Sheeran Wow, what can I say! I am in love with his music, he is amazing! I have just found out that he is playing in my home town in the summer, however the tickets sold out in 25minutes! Gutted! Just proves how good he is. Here is his new song The A Team if you haven't heard it already.

Lastly, and this is my favourite! Only having 3 weeks of uni left until summer!! Cant believe how quickly my first year has gone, kind of scary really! However, this also means I only have 3 weeks to finish all my mounds of work! Wish me luck!


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Day Trip

Today I went on a lovely little day trip with my family. We weren't planning on going anywhere exciting but spontaneously decided to go to Arundel, a beautiful town about an hour away from me. It is famous for its castle and there are some amazing old buildings and it is generally just beautiful. We had a little wander round as I snapped away in a truly touristy fashion. We then went and bought some toasted panini's from a cafe and went to the river to eat in the sun. Perfect!

After our lunch we decided to drive on down to the seaside! We went to Littlehampton which was only another 20 mins aways. I remember going there on a camping holiday with some friends when I was younger so it was very nostalgic to go back. Although it is a typical seaside town with fairgrounds, seagulls and fish and chips everywhere it was lovely to see the sea as living at Uni in Nottingham I am pretty much the furthest away I can possibly be from the coast! Of course we couldn't resist being at the seaside on a sunny day and not having a 99 ice cream, and guess what, it was actually only 99p, a rarity these days!

Hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend!