Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Day Trip

Today I went on a lovely little day trip with my family. We weren't planning on going anywhere exciting but spontaneously decided to go to Arundel, a beautiful town about an hour away from me. It is famous for its castle and there are some amazing old buildings and it is generally just beautiful. We had a little wander round as I snapped away in a truly touristy fashion. We then went and bought some toasted panini's from a cafe and went to the river to eat in the sun. Perfect!

After our lunch we decided to drive on down to the seaside! We went to Littlehampton which was only another 20 mins aways. I remember going there on a camping holiday with some friends when I was younger so it was very nostalgic to go back. Although it is a typical seaside town with fairgrounds, seagulls and fish and chips everywhere it was lovely to see the sea as living at Uni in Nottingham I am pretty much the furthest away I can possibly be from the coast! Of course we couldn't resist being at the seaside on a sunny day and not having a 99 ice cream, and guess what, it was actually only 99p, a rarity these days!

Hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend!



  1. A 99 for 99p is definitely a rarity! Looks like such a lovely town very english if that makes sense?! x

  2. I love Arundel, it is beautiful there & so is Littlehampton. :D

    Glad you had a lovely day out. :) x

  3. oh what gorgeous pictures it looks like such a lovely way to spend a day! x

  4. So jealous! it looks beautiful

  5. Looks lovely. I can't wait to book my next trip to England. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xo L.

  6. nice post :)

    XX Sabrina