Saturday, 18 June 2011

Europe Travels

So the time has finally come, I'm off on my month long travels around Europe on Monday!! After booking the inter-rail pass and the flight there and back a few months ago, my friend Hannah and I haven't really planned much else. We've got the start and the finish of our journey but there's just the matter of that little bit in between! We have got a pretty fixed idea of which countries we want to go to but we don't know where we will be staying or for how long in each place. Although, that is the whole idea of inter-railing I guess, you need to be spontaneous and go with the flow, which I think is going to be quite hard for me. We will probably end up going a completely different route to what we first planned! But anyway these are the places we were thinking, please let me know if any of you have been to these places, and any recommendations of places to go or things to see would be hugely appreciated!! :)

First stop- Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Berlin (Germany)

Prague (Czech Republic)

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Budapest (Hungary)

Zagreb (Croatia)

Plitvice Lakes (wow!)

Island hopping around the Croatian islands
Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Lake Bled (Slovenia)

And finally... Munich then flying home

I cant wait to get started on our adventure and to find out where we will end up and what exciting things we will be doing. This will mean I wont be blogging for a month, I was considering doing a separate blog as a diary of my travels but I just don't think I will be able to keep up with it and post regularly, will be too busy! So this is farewell for now, have a great month all you lovely people, cant wait to tell you all about it when I return! :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Wardrobe Re-shuffle and a Painful Commitment

Moving home from Uni and packing and unpacking my whole life has been a strenuous task which I have only just completed. Being a very organised person I hate leaving suitcases and crap all over the place, I prefer to just get it all done and dusted as soon as I get home. However, this packing lark has taken a good few days. Coming home and realising I seemed to have nearly doubled my clothes collection whilst at Uni I decided an old fashioned clear out was long overdue! I always hate throwing out clothes because I think that maybe one day they just might come back into fashion! However, I am a huge fan of de-cluttering and throwing things out but I don't seem to be able to do it with my clothes! I have managed to throw a lot of things out, and most of it is pretty decent so I have decided to do a car-boot sale at some point over the summer and hopefully make some dollar out of it! Here is my wardrobe post clean-up (still only just fits in!)

The clothes that aren't quite good enough to go in my drawers but can't bring myself to throw away

Drawers of tops, shorts, bikinis, scarfs and underwear
I managed to fill 2 huge Ikea bags worth of clothes, plus a whole bag of handbags and shoes so hopefully I will make a bit of money from them. After doing all this I have decided I have too many clothes and I am committing myself to a clothes amnesty for 3 months, I will not purchase one single item for 3 months!!!! Now I've put it in writing I have to stick to it!! ahhhhhh this is gonna be hard, I'm just thinking of all the money I am going to save, which will hopefully pay off my Europe trip ( more info coming soon)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Summer Brights

Summer Brights

After a quick trip into town today I couldn't help but notice the huge amount of garishly bright colours popping out at me from every window display. Zara, in particular, has a huge range of brightly coloured clothes in at the moment. I bought these gorgeous green jeans/trousers, although they don't look very bright in this photo. They are also available in yellow, pink and blue.

Zara- £19.99

I also spotted that John Lewis has a great window display at the moment of their home wear collection. It is made to look like a British seaside with some gorgeous colours and a bright, summery look.

The weather today has been amazing here in sunny Nottingham. I have spent the majority of the day nursing a hangover by sunbathing in the Arboretum. Pure lush! Although I did get a little bit red, hopefully this will turn to tan tomorrow. The great British summer has well and truly arrived... for now!