Monday, 24 October 2011

Aztec Love

My flatmate is OBSESSED with Aztec at the moment, jumpers, nails, bags, it's everywhere, to be honest I'm starting to become as fixated as she is! The winter season comes round and the knit trend is plastered all over the place, with Aztec prints being on the majority of items. Although the trend does seem to come round every year, I think it is bigger and better than ever before right now. Maybe it's because of the fact that a huge number of people are now holidaying in far off places and everyone and their dog are taking gap years to countries where this print originates. Whatever the logic, I know that it is a great trend and will stick around for a while, here are a few of my favorite images of the trend.

My flatmates nails- that's how obsessed she is!!
Here is my Aztec inspired moodboard

There's something so relaxed and hippyish about it and it's so easy to wear. It looks great in summer or winter and I guess seeing these gorgeous foreign designs gets you through the cold, dark, English winter months, knowing that eventually summer will come round again! However you feel about it I think the cultural traveler 'gap yah' look is here to stay!