Friday, 18 November 2011

London Windows

This week I spent a couple of days in London on a trip wholly for 'research' purposes. I had a fabulous time with my two friends galavanting around all the hot spots and it almost felt like a little holiday! As my current project is on men's grooming, we spent a lot of time wandering round the male beauty departments, as well as going to a couple of exhibitions, namely the V & A 'Postmodernism' Exhibition and The Dazed and Confused Exhibition at Somerset House, which I loved. Another of my main aims out of the 2 days was to explore the window displays (some of you may have read my previous post about surreal windows) as I need to write an illustrated essay on the topic. I found some gorgeous displays and also discovered the key trends for visual merchandising this winter. They are as follows:

1) Outside Inside- There were loads of windows rocking this trend. Key components included twigs, trees, leaves and woodland creatures inside the windows, and in a lot of visual merchandising in store. 

2) Birds- birds of all different shapes and sizes were everywhere, however I particularly noticed a lot of peacocks, and peacock feathers and prints. Others included owls, swans and doves. 

3) Lampshades and chandeliers used as 'heads' - The previous trend for Spring with heads of flowers has been changed for the colder months into lampshades. However, stupidly enough I didn't get any photos of this!! 


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