Sunday, 20 November 2011

Recent Purchases

I have been pretty frugal with my 'clothes money' since coming back to Uni and realising that my loan doesnt stretch as far as it did last year, now that I have a house and have to pay bills and spend my money on serious things rather than fun things! However, I have managed to find some bargains and treated myself to a few items:

Crop Top- Forever 21- About £15
I bought this top in London this week and although the photo doesn't really do it justice, it is a beautiful top and all lacy on the back

Sparkly Blazer- River Island- £15
I snapped this blazer up in the sale a while ago. It looks kind of trashy in the photo but it is so nice and goes with so much more than expected

Cardigan- Forever 21- £20
This is another one I bought in London. I love the Aztec print at the moment and this cardi is so soft and flattering

Hat- Primark- £6
I deliberated over buying this for so long because I always buy hats but never wear them. I am so glad I did buy it though because it dresses up any outfit and looks so glamorous 

T-shirt- Primark- £3
This top is from the mens section. I just cut the sleeves off and made it in to a baggy t-shirt-dress
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! xx


  1. wow, i love your black blazer and your hat. so cool!
    wish you a wonderful sunday.
    please have a look at my newest posts dear!
    lovely greets
    maren anita

  2. Gorgeous blazer and cardigan. Hat too actually! Love x x

  3. I love the hat, I searched EVERYWHERE in Primark for it yesterday to no avail :( x

  4. Hello chick, loving all your purchases the lace crop top is just gorgeous xx

  5. Love everything you bought, especially the customised t-shirt from Primark. The men's section is usually the place I find the best items! xx

  6. Gorgeous stuff, I looove the najavo cardi from Forever21 - they have some amazing stuff! And the hats lovely too, definitely worth a buy xx

  7. I love the blazer and I can't believe that vest was a t-shirt from Primark?! Shocked xx

  8. That Fedora is a complete bargain! I hope Primark still have them in....

    Love your blog, it takes me back to my fashion student days!

    Shall we follow each other?

    Sophie x

  9. love the aztec cardigan, really nice! you'll have a new follower from now on hope you'll follow me as wel;) xxx

  10. ooh I love the sparkly blazer in your picture! looks very festive, great picks!

  11. Very pretty and unique blazer!