Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jewellery Box

A little, random post for you today, but I thought I would show you my jewellery collection as well as how I store it, as I realise I do this in quite a unique way.

First off, here are my rings. I've got a couple more coming shortly that I ordered from ebay, obsessed with buying rings on ebay at the moment!!

1- Greece, 2- Topshop, 3-Present, 4- Accessorize, 5- Present, 6- ebay

1- Vintage, 2- Vintage, 3- Primark, 4-Primark, 5-Austraila, 6- Accessorize, 7- Primark

Yes that is a vodka bottle, and yes I use it as a necklace stand! I thought this was the perfect way of storing all my smaller necklaces and bracelets as they get tangled up so easily in a box and I can see them much clearer! Perfect! Do you think it works well? 

This is where I keep the rest of my jewellery, in my chest of drawers which also holds my make-up and nail polishes. It is a bit of a mess and I tend to forget about a lot of the jewellery in there, but I think it looks pretty, and keeps it out the way! :)

This is all my favourite jewellery that I bought to Uni, but I also have a cake-stand full of other stuff at home that I don't really wear, should really have a clear out soon, ebay, watch out! 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Off Duty Models- The Burberry Girls

I, like many other fashion obsessed girls and boys all over the world, sat down at 4pm on Monday to watch the Burberry Prorsum live streaming, wishing I could be there in real life! The clothes were all gorgeous and the concept of the show was breathtaking, however I always think the models in the shows look really freaky and are far too skinny. However, Burberry had some gorgeous models and there's nothing I love more than seeing what the models wear in their day to day lives, out of the designer garments they are made to wear. This years show was all about Cara Delevingne, the model of the moment, who is absolutely stunning on and off the catwalk. Here are my fav Burberry girls who have their own amazing style.

Cara Delevingne

Lily Donaldson

Jourdan Dunn

Sunday, 19 February 2012

New Pretty Things

Here is a little post on some of my new purchases. Being a very poor student I have been scouring the vintage and charity shops as well as doing a lot of shopping for accessories on ebay!

Ear cuff- ebay

Double Ring- ebay

Baby pink jumper- Cow Vintage. This was £2!!

Blue and yellow jumper- Cow Vintage. This was £3!!
Baby pink top- small vintage shop in Nottingham

Grey beanie- ebay.
On another note, I have just been set my new project. It is to organise a fundraising event for the fashion charity TRAID. We have to organise an event which will raise awareness of the brand and the harmful affects the fashion industry has on the environment , as well as raising £2000! I'm really looking forward to this project as I have always been into events management so this should be interesting, even though we haven't got an idea for the event yet, all in good time!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Marni at H&M

As the brand new collaboration with H&M comes out next month (is it just me or does H&M have a new collaboration every month!) I am very excited to see what Marni have created. As I was not a huge fan of the previous Versace collection, I am hoping this new collaboration lives up to expectations. The images that have been released so far show the clothes to be very summery and bright, with a lot of pattern and tribal print which gets me very excited for summer.

A TV advert has also been filmed, in none other that Marrakesh! Morocco seems to be EVERYWHERE at the moment with every second person I speak to planning a trip there this summer, and every magazine I open having a dedicated section to the country. Call me cliche but I have also been looking into going there with my mum for my 21st birthday present. What do you guys think? Has anyone been, and does it live up to the hype??

The Marni at H&M collection is due to hit stores on 8th March

Friday, 10 February 2012

Outfit for Cheese and Wine Party

Wednesday night was the first of the (now decided) annual Cheese and Wine parties with the girls. In true Sex and the City style we decided to go for some fabulous cocktails afterwards and it all felt very sophisticated! After over-loading ourselves with more cheese than should be consumed in a month, we felt like we were probably missing the point of a cheese and wine party as an excuse to just over-indulge in our favourite food! Anyway, I finally managed to take some outfit pics before I went out. Although I am aware these photos look pretty rubbish, however please cut me some slack, its my first attempt! I am going to try to do outfit posts more regularly so hopefully they will get better as time goes on! :) 

Jumper- Topshop, Leather trousers- Topshop, Shoes-, Necklace- Urban Outfitters, Rings- Vintage and Accessorize 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I have just returned from my little trip to Milan. I had a fabulous time, a lot of shopping, eating, partying and of course 'research' went on! Although I must say I don't think Milan is the prettiest city I have ever been to, a lot of it is quite run-down and shabby and I definitely didn't see many stylish Italians, however, I'm sure during fashion week it's buzzing! I looked around a lot of the luxury shopping areas as this was my main purpose for the trip. In general I noticed that the visual merchandising was very minimal and sophisticated with not many interesting window displays. The outfits on the mannequins were very understated and classic with the outfits layed out next to them for purchase. The trend of 'outside inside' was still very prominent, with the trend moving towards more greenery rather than twigs and trees.

Here is a general round up of the trip

The beautiful Duomo cathedral

Shopping arcade

McDonalds amongst Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada???

The Gucci cafe

A beautiful little vintage shop

Versace window, probably the most interesting of them all

I need one of these bags!

The Italian friends we stayed with