Sunday, 19 February 2012

New Pretty Things

Here is a little post on some of my new purchases. Being a very poor student I have been scouring the vintage and charity shops as well as doing a lot of shopping for accessories on ebay!

Ear cuff- ebay

Double Ring- ebay

Baby pink jumper- Cow Vintage. This was £2!!

Blue and yellow jumper- Cow Vintage. This was £3!!
Baby pink top- small vintage shop in Nottingham

Grey beanie- ebay.
On another note, I have just been set my new project. It is to organise a fundraising event for the fashion charity TRAID. We have to organise an event which will raise awareness of the brand and the harmful affects the fashion industry has on the environment , as well as raising £2000! I'm really looking forward to this project as I have always been into events management so this should be interesting, even though we haven't got an idea for the event yet, all in good time!


  1. LOVE all these bits & bobs! Been looking for a ear cuff just like that for ages, hello ebay ;) x

  2. I shop like you do :)
    Haha, I actually prefer thrifting and online shopping for a lot of things, because you're able to find really unique pieces for amazing prices!
    Love that double cross ring <3
    I'm searching for something similar.
    Great finds!

  3. I checked your blog and I like it!
    Visit my blog and if u want we can follow each other!
    have a great Sunday!

  4. Love the ear cuff! Never think to wear jewellery like that!? Would definitely complete a look! x

  5. I love the ear cuff, looks amazing! Also, that lacy baby pink top is so pretty, bet it would look beautiful on!
    Love Charlestown xoxo.

  6. Nice pieces ! Great to discover your blog !
    Vedette Shapewear Giveaway

  7. i love that ear cuff! :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration.

  8. Gorgeous pieces; love that ear cuff :)
    those jumpers are amazing, and for £2?! lovely blog - i've also given you a cheeky follow on twitter too :) xo