Monday, 30 April 2012

Bubble and Squeak

Calling everyone who lives in and around Nottingham!! My course is holding a charity event next week for the clothing charity TRAID, and will be in association with American Apparel (which means lots of nice goody bags for you guys!). The event will consist of a live fashion show, loads of stalls hosted by local creatives selling everything from cupcakes to face art, as well as a host of hot DJ's, spinning in the separate club area all night long. And of course, there will be loads of cheap drink deals, including a special TRAID cocktail invented specially for the night. The aim of the event is to showcase local, creative talent at the same time as raising money for a very worthy cause. The event will run from 9pm-3am on Wednesday 7th May at Dogma, Nottingham. 

Stalls will be hosted by Mimm, Merrimaking, NTU Fashion, TRAID, American Apparel, Top Tier Cakes, Girl with the White Baloon, NTU Graphics, Fatnek Clothing, Screen Printing and more TBA 

Join the Facebook page here for more information and for competitions and giveaways! 

Or you can buy your tickets online:

Advanced- £5
On the Door- £8

Available at Fatsoma 

So if you, or anyone you know lives in or around Nottingham, then come along, it is going to be a great night! Spread the word! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Has Media Gone Too Far?

Today I had a lecture about controversial advertising and whether it has gone too far. As the famous saying goes, sex sells! I always knew that advertising has become rather risque and has continued to be more and more shocking as people start to become de-sensitized towards these images, however, some of the images I was shown truly shocked me and actually made me quite sad that these disturbing images are being shown to young, impressionable girls. Of course, there is the whole representation of women, their body image, and how girls 'should' look. But what I found the most shocking of all is the sexualisation of children. We all know about the scandalous padded bikinis for 7 year olds in Primark and the 3 inch heels for 8 year olds in Next, but what I wasn't aware of were the pole dancing lessons for 3 year olds or the kids t-shirts with nipple tassels on! But my favourite has to be the kids t-shirt with the famous Kate Moss slogan "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" FOR KIDS! This exposure to adult sexual images and pressure on body image has been shown to have a negative impact on childrens self-esteem, body image and their understanding of sexual relationships. I personally am disgusted at some of the images that are out there for young, impressionable children to consume constantly, its no wonder that young girls are frequently being treated for anxiety disorders and eating disorders, and I fear that this kind of thing is only going to get worse. Where do we draw the line? What do you think about advertising and media, do you think it has gone too far?

Dolce and Gabbana advert- depicting a rape scene?

Sisley Campaign- glamorizing drug use?

Ridiculously skinny models

Kids clothing with shocking slogans!

No wonder kids have eating disorders!! 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Coachella Fashion

Another year, another "I wish I was at Coachella" moment! And, I, like the rest of the world wish I could of been there this weekend. God, it just looks fabulous doesn't it!? The sunshine, the fashion and of course, the music! For anyone who isn't sick to death of hearing about it, here are some of my fav looks from the weekend, enjoy and dream... there's still next weekend! :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Men's Street Style

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE looking at men's street style. Almost more than womens, just because its so much rarer to see a man taking care of his appearance and looking really individual and fashionable. This idea was highlighted the other day when I went up to London for an interview then spent the rest of my day just wandering around, taking in the sights and people watching. There are so many greatly dressed men around at the moment, and I love the fact that men are getting more and more into fashion. You only have to look at the increasing number of mens entrants on Lookbook to realise that fashion is becoming a huge thing for guys. I really admire a guy who has the confidence to pull off a style statement, especially as fashion for men used to be perceived as a feminine interest, however times are changing! Here are a few classic looks, courtesy of LOOKBOOK and weheartit

Sunday, 8 April 2012

London Trip

Yesterday me and my Mum had a lovely day out in London. I booked tickets to see Rock of Ages a few weeks ago as a mothers day present which, of course, was also a present for myself! If you haven't heard of Rock of Ages then check this little clip out and you will get the idea, its the cheesiest, trashiest, funniest musical and that's exactly why I love it, being an absolute musical theatre geek!

Of course, we also made a day of it by heading up early and spending the day exploring London. I thought I had seen all the best places in London, however I can't believe I have never been to Portobello Road market! Shocking, I know! So we spent a lot of time wandering around Portobello and Notting Hill and marveling at the beautiful houses and shops in the prestigious area and stopping at little coffee shops and cafes for lunch.

Portobello Road

Vintage shops

Gail's- the best bread and pastries around!

Portobello stalls

Please can I live here!!

After the matinee of the performance we headed to Southbank for cocktails in my favourite bar, Las Iguanas, and then dinner in Ping Pong, the best dim sum around!! Before heading to E4's Udderbelly festival on Southbank where we were going to be all spontaneous and book tickets to see a comedy show there, however we got to the stand and it was sold out! Absolutely gutting, so we just had a wander around the festival area and beer garden instead which looked magical!

I want this cow in my house!

The remains of the mojitos

Ping Pong dumplings! mmmmmmmm


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring Purchases

I haven't been shopping in quite a while, and I am meant to be saving money and not buying more clothes... but alas, I failed!! So here are a few things I bought at the weekend which are perfect for spring! And in my defence, they were all cheap! Now, no more spending for me until way into Summer! 
Jumper- H&M- £7 (sale was £24.99)

Jumper- Matalan- £6

Skirt- Charity Shop- £3

Earrings- Matalan- £5

Earrings- Matalan- £3

Necklace- Matalan- £5