Sunday, 20 May 2012

Shopping Spreeeee

I went on a mini (well rather large actually) shopping spree yesterday. I had all my birthday money and vouchers to spend so thought I would give myself the day off from working and treat myself to a bit of retail therapy. I was looking to get a new outfit for my birthday celebrations next weekend, as well as a dress for my brothers wedding, and a watch. However, I soon realised that shopping isn't fun when you're looking for specific things, and its doubly not as fun on a Saturday when town is absolutely rammed. However, in between the flustered episodes in the fitting rooms and the stream of slow-walking shoppers which got me thourougly annoyed, my shopping trip was overall pretty successful! Here is what I bought:

Scarf- Primark

Dress- Primark- perfect for holiday!!

Skirt- Topshop

Shoes- Topshop

Crop top- Cow Vintage

Dress- Topshop- The dress for the wedding! IN LOVE with this!! 

Watch- Fossil- LOVE this so much, my special birthday treat! :)

Have you noticed a theme here? I seem to be loving the neutrals and creams at the moment!


  1. LOVE ALL THESE PURCHASES and definitely going to primark and getting that scarf tomorrow... x

  2. LOVE your buys! That watch is soooo nice as is the dress for the wedding..anddd everything else!
    You've made me want to go shopping crazy now

  3. Love the Cow crop top, we haven't seen one like it before!
    Gorgeous watch too.
    JS xx

  4. The watch is sooo beautiful!!!

  5. Oh my gosh - the dress you got for the wedding is stunning! xx

  6. Great finds! love a splurge in Topshop :) xx

  7. I love this so beautiful <3

    I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it <3