Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cool Camo

Just a little post today about my current style inspiration. The camouflage trend is huge at the moment with military inspired pieces everywhere you look and still heavy influenced by the grunge trend. I was just having a little play around on Polyvore and came up with this moodboard to show my take on the trend and how I would style a camo-inspired outfit. 

Cool Camo

Cool Camo by toptotty101 featuring sleeveless tops

On another note,I have just had a huge clear out of my wardrobe and multiple clothing draws and have put loads of stuff on ebay! Check out all my listings here and get bidding! :) It is mostly Topshop items with everything starting at 99p, only 1 day left on most things! Happy bidding! 

Sunday, 17 June 2012


I have just returned from my holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was absolutely fabulous! Me and my Mum spent a week travelling all over the place. We spent our first 3 nights inside the city walls of Dubrovnik, which is absolutely stunning. I think it has to be the most beautiful city I have ever been to, and I have done a fair few European cities! We then spent 2 nights of luxury in a hotel on an island about an hour away from Dubrovnik called  Lopud, before coming back to the mainland and spending our final 2 nights in the beach area of Dubrovnik, Lapad. I must say I think we planned the trip perfectly, with just the right amount of time in each place, and we seemed to balance out the city and beach time very well!

Has anyone ever been to Dubrovnik or planning a trip there? I would definitely recommend!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Holiday Style: Inspiration

So I am off on holiday on Saturday, 2 days!! Can't believe it has come so quickly!! I can't wait to get out of miserable England and get a week of relaxation and much needed sunshine! Every time I go on a summer holiday I vow to be a bronzed goddess and always dress stylishly, however, I always end up giving in to the heat and just wearing whatever is the most comfortable and not giving a damn what I look like! I start with good intentions though and here is some of my holiday inspiration for cool summer dressing in the heat and on the beach. 

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