Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Tourist in London

Today I was given the afternoon off work! Although I have been working in London for the past month, the daily commute and long days mean that I haven't actually had much time to just enjoy being in London. So this was the perfect opportunity to make the most of being in town with nothing to do. After meeting up for a quick coffee and long catch up with a friend in Brick Lane, I made my way around all the London hotspots, just to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the sunny afternoon. I managed to squeeze in quite a lot and felt like a typical tourist taking photos of Big Ben and the London Eye. I have only got one more day working at the PR agency that I have been at for the past couple of weeks so I really feel like I have missed out on living the London life while I have been working there. Today kind of made up for it though and I just can't wait to live there properly and not have to worry about travelling for 3 hours a day and feeling like I have no spare time. Bring on next year!!

Selfridges windows, Southbank, London Eye and Westminster


  1. lovely pictures, i love london so much x

  2. It's hard even when you're working in London to get to see all it has to offer! Sometimes I manage to take a sneaky few hours to pretend to be a tourist. Last week I trekked all the way over to Greenwich just to have a ride on the cable car that goes across the Thames. Hopefully when you work here for good you'll find the time to discover even more hidden (and not so hidden) gems!