Thursday, 4 October 2012

1 Couple, 3 Weddings

Some of you may know that this summer has been a summer full of weddings for me. And no, I'm not even at that age yet when all my friends are getting married, the 3 weddings I attended over the summer were all for the same couple! My brother and sister-in-law got married 3 times over the summer... greedy or what! Being an international couple, weddings needed to be done first of all to sign the documents, then for a big fat English party, then, of course, a big fat Russian party in the brides hometown of Moscow. All 3 were absolutely beautiful and special days in their own way and a fabulous excuse to see old family and friends and party in style.
1) The 'Small One'

2) The 'Big English One'

3) The 'Big Russian One'


  1. Aaww, such a lovely blogpost, Abi! It makes me wanna have one more wedding now haha! Can't believe people restrict themselves to only one - so not enough :) xx

  2. go for another one! we'll make it huuuge :)

  3. go for another one! we'll make it huuuge :)

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