Thursday, 15 November 2012

F&F Press Day

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go along and work at the F&F Spring/Summer '13 Press Day. I have never worked at an event like this before so it was a truly eye opening experience and got me super excited to finish my degree and start my career in the world of fashion! The venue for the event was the stunning One Marylebone, which was made to look like any fashion lovers heaven with beautiful decorations, iPad stations, delicious food and the piéce de résistance, a stunning revolving stage featuring the best of the F&F S/S Collection. The new collection was lovely, with womenswear being inspired by everything from 60's London to the matadors of Spain. The new high quality, flattering cuts and fashion forward items make you think you are looking at a premium brand, not an item you can snap up for £25!

My job at the event was to meet and greet the guests as they arrived and to arrange the VIP's their own private F&F branded taxi (revolutionary idea) on my own F&F iPad. Despite being on my feet for over 12 hours and arriving back in Nottingham at 11pm crying out for my bed, the event was an amazing experience and I can't wait to do many more.

Gorgeous childrenswear

F&F Black cabs!

The lovely girls at the front desk

Favourite boots!

The revolving stage

My favourite outfit 

Yummiest salad I have ever tasted!


  1. love all the clothes in the pics u took, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)

    (open to all)

  2. Cool pics! Looks like a great event and so many gorgeous clothes! x

  3. I never really look at the clothes rom F&F, but some of this looks really good! Looks like a fun event :) great pics


  4. Hi Abi, wow, what a wonderful experience for you :) Some amazing items here......makes me want to take a serious trolley dash around Tesco's clothing department! Would you be interested in following each other maybe? x

  5. I never really look in tesco for clothing but some of these garments I will definitely be checking out! soo nice xx

  6. I saw some really cute clothes there :) It seems like a great event :)

    Thank you for giving me your link during the bbloggers chat last night :) I can't wait to read more of your posts. Now following xo

  7. Hi Abi, have you come down off your F+F high yet?! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, for your generous comments and for the follow :) I am following you back right now x

  8. WOW, i can't believe that those dresses are from Tesco, i can never find anything nice in mine.

    I will keep an eye out for that floral dress (it's so similar to Ted Bakers floral dress).


  9. Looks like a great event wow F&F are really stepping up the collection looks fab! btw I came across your blog from the fashionchitchat blog hop glad I stopped by xxx