Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Winter Layering

God I hate this time of year...as I have already mentioned in my previous post, so I will try to not bore you with my moaning again! As darkness now seems to appear before 4pm and it is constantly raining,I am finding it very hard to take any outfit photos, because as soon as I get round to thinking about it or have finished uni, it is already pitch black. Not ideal! So instead of an outfit post this week I am going to cop out and give you a little moodboard/wishlist of what I would love to be wearing! I am absolutely loving all these colours for winter at the moment, and I am obsessed with layering even more, especially a fluffy gilet to make you feel all cosy and warm. I have also just bought a pair of tortoiseshell glasses which make me feel very intelligent and somehow seem to make me work harder, bringing out my inner geek! 

Anyway I will try to squeeze some outfit photos into the 4 hours of daylight we have a day at some point this week! But for now, what are your favourite winter fashion essentials? 

Winter Layering


  1. I just love that bag!



  2. That last coat is gorgeous! I could really see you in it too! It'd really suit you :) xo

  3. Such cute pieces! Love the coat and the fur vest :) I live in leggings as well!

  4. i love that blazer and the glasses!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com / @thelovecatsinc

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  5. That fur west is perfect! I'd love to wear it this winter

  6. What lovely pieces! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  7. I totally know what you mean about these dark nights and picture taking! its so annoying, I got so peeved i bought some daylights from ebay, which have been my saviour, although its still not the best of light!

    kirsty - www.rockit-style.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Hi lovely! Thanks for sending over your link on twitter, I'm now following :)
    That handbag is lovely. I like wintertime O_O I live in a warm place and it's nice to get a bit chilly from time to time, haha.

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  9. Lovely post! I love the blazer!

    Emma x

  10. Oh my god, I think I'm actually in love with the grey coat! It's so gorgeous. That sort of style is my absolute favourite at the minute, I've got a big chunky blazer just like it but I'm debating whether to buy a big coat too.

    Really good post! :))

    Terri xo - littlegoldstars.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Love the bag, is this is H&M one? I had been eyeing this up but I have so many bloomin' handbags :-) Those heels though are to die for! Gorgeous!

    beckys makeup

  12. love these, especially the bag and blazer :) xx


  13. Love the shirt you've picked :)
    Daniella x