Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Manchester Christmas Market

I am an absolute sucker for anything Christmassy and I am beyond excited for Christmas this year to go home and see my family and spend lots of time just chilling out with them as I feel like I haven't seen them in forever! I had the genius idea to stay an extra week at uni after everyone else has gone home and spend every day in the library doing my work! I am definitely regretting this as I am now ill aswell and there is nothing like your mum looking after you when you're ill :( But anyway, enough of my moaning. Last week I went up to Mancheswter for a couple of days to see my friends. We ended up going to two different Christmas markets and getting in the festive spirit. I must say, aside from London, I think Manchester must do the best in Christmas markets, it was truly magical and the food available was amazing...we ate quite a lot! Have you been to any Christmas markets? Where is your favourite? 


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  2. So much love for Christmas markets, they always get the festivities going :)

  3. I was there just the other week, got a bratwurst sausage was SO good!

    Efia @


  4. so festive I love it!!

  5. This looks so Christmassy! I love your photography :) Definitely a new follower! xxx

  6. This looks lovely, I went to Birmingham christmas market the other week and that's really nice too xx