Monday, 17 December 2012

Sanctuary Top to Toe Prima Ballerina

I received this gorgeous Sanctuary Spa ‘Top to Toe Prima Ballerina’ gift set the other day to pamper and preen to the max. The set was inspired by Darcey Bussell and I didn't know this, but The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden was originally set up 35 years ago as a place for ballerinas at the Royal Ballet to go to enjoy treatments and relax tired muscles! I don’t do much dancing these days but I am always on my feet so this was the perfect gift for me and is the ultimate in relaxing and revitalising.

I received the gift set last week when I was feeling really ill and sorry for myself, and it cheered me up so much. I had a big pamper session and used all the products, and began to feel like myself again!

The gift set includes: A foaming bath soak, body lotion, luxury foot polish, intensive rescue heel balm, brightening radiance exfoliator, brightening moisture boosting mask and a gorgeous little pair of ballet slippers. I must say, the foot scrub and heel balm were my favourite. I, like many people I’m sure, tend to neglect my feet a little bit in the winter when they are constantly shoved inside boots and 3 layers of socks. However, taking some time to scrub and moisturise them was heavenly, before putting on my little ballet slippers to let the moisturiser sink in. The brightening exfoliator and mask were also divine. Winter skin is not the prettiest and all the hot and cold dries out my skin no end, so the mask was a real drink for thirsty skin and I felt glowy and radiant afterwards! I only left it on for 10 minutes but if you want a really deep treatment you can leave it on overnight for an intense treatment! And how could I forget, all these products come in a gorgeous orange wash bag with purple lining and zip which actually looks and feels really expensive! I tend to be over-run with wash bags and similar things from receiving gift sets at Christmas and I normally just end up throwing them out or giving them away because they are never great quality. However, this one is really good quality and looks lovely, so I will definitely be keeping it as my overspill washbag!

If anyone is looking for a last minute Christmas gift then I would highly recommend this for any ladies that deserve a good pamper. For £20, and all those products, it is a pretty good deal I think, especially perfect for any budding ballerinas or dancers among your friends and family.

The gift set is available online and from Boots stores.


  1. This is such a cute set that I may have to treat myself to a little Christmas present! x


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  5. Oh well I have been using products from Sanctuary for quite a while now. I learned about it when I was shopping on It is quite a delight to see its products for Prima Balleria here.

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