Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Leopard, Fur and a Top Knot

It feels like I haven't done an outfit post in absolutely ages, so I thought it was about time I chucked another one at you. Today is a fabulous day for me. I have finished my uni project and handed it all in, 2 days before the deadline, such a keeno! It is the biggest feeling of relief to get it all done and out the way. However, it is also the scariest feeling knowing that I have now finished half of my degree! Just one big project to go then I will be out into the real world! 

Anyway, enough of my boring university life. This is just a simple outfit that I wore the other day. I do realise that the top is perhaps too short to be worn with tights, so I actually changed the bottom half before I left the house! I love this leopard print scarf at the moment. I have always been a sucker for animal print and the weather at the moment calls for the warmth of a scarf. This is also a really, really old coat which I found the other day and haven't worn in ages, so thought I would give it another spin. Excuse my crazily pasty skin, I'm off to fake tan now in preparation for a week long celebration before starting on the next stress-provoking chapter in my academic life! 

Scarf- Mums, Coat- Primark, Top- Primark, Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Ear Muffs- Russia


  1. I wish I could do a topknot as good as this! Not fair :'( You look beautiful :)



  2. Love the touch of leopard print xx

  3. well done on handing in early- such a good feeling! love the leopard print scarf xx

  4. Lovely outfit, I bought a similar scarf earlier today! xx

  5. This scarf is lush :)

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  6. I really love the scarf! It is definately a good look! But weren't you freezing?! :O Haha.

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  7. Awhh you look so cosy in the bottom photo! Lovely outfit...sometimes its simpler outfits which work best :) (that was a compliment btw haha...doesnt sound like one)xx


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  9. Great outfit, I love the scarf. xx