Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I am back home for Easter!! Which means lots of food, chocolate, TV and not much work being done. I feel like I need a well deserved break from the stresses of uni at the moment so coming home and chilling out with the family is just what I need. I am off to the Isle of Wight for Easter weekend for our traditional Easter holiday so can't wait for long walks on the beach and toasted marshmallows on the fire. 

I have been very lazy with outfit photos recently and I took these photos a while ago but never got round to posting them! I bought this Zara shirt from thelovecatsinc blog sale and I wear it all the time. I am a huge fan of the monochrome clothes with bright lips look at the moment.  What do you think?

Shirt- Zara, Shorts- Miss Selfridge, Jumper- Ebay, Wedges- Urban Outfitters 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Diet Coke 'Sparkling Together for 30 Years'

I'm sure you have all seen the newest advert du jour that has been gracing our televisions recently and filling ladies with excitement nationwide  I am, of course, talking about the new Diet Coke 'hunk' advert, which has been re-incarnated once again for the new generation. He is back, and sexier than ever and is set to become once of the most talked about campaigns of the year.
You could say Diet Coke is going through a bit of a 'moment' right now. The worlds Number 1 diet soft drink has just celebrated its 30th birthday, and my, has it had a good birthday! It seems like this is Diet Cokes year. Not only was there the release of the new hunk, but a new Creative Director has joined the brand, in the shape of fashion extraordinaire Marc Jacobs.The designer has joined forces with Diet Coke for its 30th anniversary to give the brand a stylish make-over to celebrate the brands three decades with the 'Sparkling Together for 30 Years' campaign. Marc Jacobs has designed a limited edition collection of bottles and cans to celebrate the rise of female empowerment through the Eighties, Nineties and Noughties. The 80's design is all about the power woman in the 1980's with a nod to the shining lights of Broadway referencing the launch of Diet Coke at Radio City in NYC. The 90's design highlights the collision of fashion, music and art with the undercurrent of strong femininity and daring attitude.  The 00's embodies the sports luxe era with a touch of humour and features Marc Jacobs signature red polka dot motif. 
Diet Coke has always been synonymous with fashion. Over the years the brand has collaborated with some of the fashion industries favourites, from Elle Macpherson to Karl Lagerfeld to Jean Paul Gaultier, with the iconic bottle being immortalised by these great designers. These designers have proven Diet Coke to be the ultimate fashionista accessory. This new initiative from Coke only cements the brand as a firm fashion favourite and all the hype and press around the brand at the moment showcases why the world loves Diet Coke. 
The limited edition bottles are exclusively available from Selfridges right now for only 4 weeks so hurry to get your hands on one. Selfridges also have a fun pop-up area to experience Marc Jacobs vision so you can immerse yourself in the brand. You can also watch Marc Jacobs personal take on the infamous Diet Coke break adverts here...

And as a special Thursday Treat...here is that video once more....Enjoy 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

PR Successes of 2012

You  may have seen my blog post earlier in the year about the PR fails of 2012. I know it's a bit late into the new year to be talking about last year still but I have just sent off my application for The Lexis Recommendation Agency grad scheme and for the application I had to look into what were the successes and failures of the PR world in the last 12 months.  Aswell as some disastrous campaigns last year, there have also been some fantastic successes in the PR industry. So therefore I thought I would share with you some of the campaigns that have been particularly successful and innovative last year to counteract the failures. 

1) Firstly, 'The Games', as a whole, was of course the most successful campaign of the year. From the creative display of the Opening Ceremony to the popularity of the Games Makers to the excellent use of social media. London 2012 was a huge success story which made the country proud to be British. More specifically, one of the greatest successes came from Transport for London and the work they did to ensure the Olympics ran smoothly. The ‘Get Ahead of The Games’ campaign helped commuters avoid the traffic and congestion around the Olympics. They provided tips, advice and information via posters, emails, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, covering all aspects of social media. TFL enrolled athletes and celebrities to promote the campaign and generate hype around it. They even used Boris Johnson to record announcements about travel disruptions which were broadcast over the airwaves of the London Underground. The campaign was a great success as roads and underground lines were congestion free and everything ran smoothly as people listened to the advice and avoided many routes. Before ‘The Games’ Londoners and commuters were worried about how London’s transport system would cope with the influx of people in the city. However, the work of TFL proved everyone wrong and pulled off the most successful campaign of 2012.

2) Another hugely successful campaign was the Nike ‘Make it Count’ campaign. Nike responded to the increase in people becoming interested in exercise and sports and gave the consumer the chance to connect with the brand through this interactive campaign. The campaign launched in the New Year as people were making their new year’s resolutions. Videos and posters of top athletes training for the Olympics were created with their pledges for 2012 written across the image. The images showed the sheer hard work and determination that goes into training to be the best. These inspirational posters contained the athletes twitter handle and the #makeitcount hash tag. To make the campaign more interactive, members of the public could also tweet their own pledges using the hash tag. This campaign was particularly innovative because, not only did it promote Nike as a brand, it promoted health and wellbeing among consumers, and motivated people to succeed. It encouraged people to make their own goals and change their life. Not only were there posters and videos of aspirational athletes, the brand also launched a YouTube video which soon went viral. The video was of two men travelling around the world in 10 days featuring some of the most iconic and beautiful locations. The video, littered with famous inspirational quotes, called for people to live life to the full and appreciate every moment. The video is truly uplifting and was an extremely innovative way of inspiring the younger generation to do something with their life and live an adventure. Watch the video below, I've watched it about 10 times and love it even more each time! 

3) Movember is a worldwide concept where men grow their moustache for the month of November in order to raise money and awareness of prostate cancer. The success of the charity is growing year on year with 2012 being the biggest and most profitable for the charity. The concept in itself is a great PR stunt, but this year, there were hundreds of PR campaigns coming off the back of the notion and the moustache even turned into a key trend for A/W not only on the faces of men all over the world, but also on clothing, interiors and beauty products. Social media was responsible for the progression of the charity, with a 111% increase in mentions this year compared to last year. The use of celebrity supporters on Twitter and Facebook also spread the word of the charity and photo uploading on social networking sites allowed for further exposure. The moustache is particularly iconic in Britain as the traditional English gentleman is synonymous with sporting the face furniture. This stereotyping adds to the success of Movember in Britain and headlined the trend.

4) Finally, a hugely successful and entertaining campaign came from Bodyform. I am sure you have all seen the video which immediately went viral in October last year. When a traumatised man, Richard Neill, wrote on the company's Facebook page about the misconception Bodyform had given him of a women during her period. Claiming that their advertising shows womens 'time of the month' as a joyous and exciting time when in reality it is a time of anger and hatred. Over 80,000 people 'liked' the Facebook comment so Bodyform cleverly responded to this post by making a viral video. The video entitled 'The Truth' features Bodyforms 'boss' explaining to Richard the truth about periods. (To understand it properly you need to watch the video!) The video, which has over 3,700,000 views on YouTube, ends with the CEO thanking Richard for lifting the veil on their lies and exposing the truth. The carefully crafted response puts a humorous spin on a taboo subject and shows Bodyforms sense of humour. This campaign brilliantly highlights how successful social media can be if used correctly!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ojon Dry Recoverey Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

I have always been a sucker for yummy smelling hair products so when I was given these lovely Ojon hair products to try I was extremely happy as I had heard they smell delicious! Ojon Oil "helps restore radiance, suppleness, bounce, body, volume and vibrancy to help repair even the most damaged hair". That is exactly what I need right now! My hair is so damaged at the moment and I have been overrun with split ends! I am used to having my hair cut every six weeks when I'm at home, however when I'm at uni, frequent haircuts becomes harder and I end up just cutting the split ends off myself with some scissors... so bad, I know! But anyway, I received the Dry Recovery Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner which was an absolute dream. As I have mentioned, they smelt absolutely incredible and the smell lasted long after washing. Even my flatmates were commenting on how lush I smelt! I immediately felt the difference, my hair felt really smooth and glossy and after 3 or 4 uses I could noticeably see a difference in my hair quality. The conditioner, in particular, was so thick and luxurious and felt like I was giving my hair a real treat. 
The one downside of these products are the prices. The shampoo retails for £18 and the conditioner retails for £19.50, which, in my books, is pretty steep for a shampoo and conditioner. I know people do spend that much on luxury hair products, but being the poor student I am, I just can't justify spending that much on my hair. However, if you want a real treat and need some damage recovery and don't mind spending the extra pennies, then I would highly recommend these Ojon products! 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

International Womens Day

On Friday I was invited along to help out with the International Womens Day celebrations at House of Fraser in Nottingham. The Fashion Retail students at New College Nottingham with the help of the lovely staff at Origins and Urban Decay put on a catwalk show to celebrate and praise inspirational women. The students each nominated an inspirational lady in their life, who were then treated to hair and make up and styled by their nominee ready to strut their stuff down the catwalk for everyone to see! 

I was lucky enough to spend some time with all the motivational women and the students before the catwalk show to see some 'behind the scenes' action of the preparation for the show. The ladies make up was done by the wonderful staff at Urban Decay and Origins, aswell as a professional service from Charlotte Moore, a gorgeous lady who has just set up her own business after being in the industry for years. I have been told she is the best around so if you ever need a MUA in Nottingham for makeovers, weddings or professional photography shoots then check out her website. The nominees then had their hair done by Nick, Bryonie and Lucie at Bliss Hair who did an amazing job of transforming the locks of each lady. When they were all preened and pampered then they were ready to take the stage. 

The ladies showed off their new looks and new outfits to a cheering audience while we heard about why they had been chosen. Each of these inspirational women looked absolutely fantastic and like they were having a ball! After the catwalk they were each given a goody bag and could book themselves in for a 30 minute facial at Origins, what could be better!? This event epitomises the message of International Womens Day and was a fabulous way of celebrating and recognising the women that inspire us. I had a great time at the event meeting some lovely people and I'm sure all the ladies did too. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Shirt and Shoes

Like a true Brit I ditched my thick winter coat and fluffy scarf yesterday during the brief 'heat wave' that was upon us. The weather was glorious, and didn't we all know it, it was the only topic of conversation and for one day only, it felt like summer had begun. If only it lasted! Anyway, taking full advantage of the sun, I donned a 'spring' outfit with no coat and my new wedge trainers from Barratts. I love the fact that they are a trainer and super comfy yet make me tall aswell, something I am always looking for, being the shorty that I am! I dressed up my new trainers with a boucle jacket to make it a bit more girly and sophisticated. What do you think of wedge trainers?

Shirt- Topshop, Jacket- Primark, Necklace- Daisy Street, Leggings- Marks and Spencer,
Trainers- Barratts 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nars Laguna Bronzer

A few weeks ago I won this Nars Laguna Bronzer in Laurzrah's blog giveaway. I have never tried anything from Nars before and have always admired their blushers and longed to own something from the brand, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered I had won! I love a good bronzer and I am a firm believer in never underestimating the difference it can make to your face. With just a sweep of bronzer across your cheekbones and temples it can turn you from being dull and pasty to looking healthy and glowy. I fell in love with bronzer when I got my first Hoola by Benefit which is an all-time favourite product of mine and I use it pretty much every day to give my skin a bit of colour. I have been using Hoola for about 5 years now and I think I am only on my third box, which shows that it lasts for ever! Therefore, considering my love of Hoola, I was hesitant to replace it with a new bronzer. However, I must admit that I have been converted...Nars Laguna bronzer is such a lovely shade and so gorgeous and subtle. You can put it all over your face to give you a bit of colour and it looks like you have nothing on. One light sweep for the day time is perfect, or a couple of layers for a night out and you still manage to look all natural and bronzed. I love my new Nars Laguna Bronzer, and although I definitely won't be kicking my Hoola habit anytime soon, Nars is a wonderful alternative and definitely the best/second best bronzer I have tried! Thank you Laura for opening my eyes to a new bronzer!

Nars Laguna Bronzer is £26 available from NarsCosmetics