Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Business Minded

Much to my Mothers happiness, she has somehow managed to get me into Marks and Spencer trousers and Clarks shoes! I really am getting old aren't I?! After years of her willing to make me buy some comfortable and practical shoes, I finally succumbed to these beautiful yet super super comfy ones from Clarks! I have real issues with footwear and no matter how 'practical' the shoe, I always end the day crippled and blistered and that's just in flats! I think I am destined to be a bare-foot hippy where I will never have to wear shoes! Anyway, my mission last weekend was to buy some comfy shoes to wear dashing all over London for work. And the trip was a success, along with some very grown up work clothes, I am now looking the part to be a working London lady. 

Shirt- H&M
Trousers- Marks and Spencer
Shoes- Clarks
Bag- Zara
Necklace H&M
Nails Varnish-Models Own 


  1. Ooh very smart Abi! I have so many issues with shoes too, my feet just weren't built for them I swear!

    Tilly xx

  2. Looking amazing! Those shoes are beaut!

  3. I'm loving M&S for workwear these days, I always used to find it really stuffy but their stuff is actually great quality and work appropriate as well as being quite fresh now - they do some great dresses! x

  4. You look great! love the handbag and shoes.
    Just realised I weren't following you on GFC and Instagram so just followed on there too :).