Sunday, 20 October 2013

I've Been Shopping...

I feel like I haven't had a proper good shop in FOREVER. Therefore, last weekend during a weekend away to Bournemouth to visit my friend, I indulged in some good old retail therapy, and my god, did it feel good! I forgot how much I love proper shopping in an actual shop and trying things on and getting excited about a new buy. Recently the only things I seem to buy are online as I just don't have time to go to town for a day of shopping. Therefore I thought I would treat myself now that I am a full time working lady. I didn't go crazy at all, as I find it hard to part with my hard earned cash more and more these days as I am such a saver, but I bought a few beaut items which I can't wait to wear!

I have wanted some smart/formal joggers for ages now and can never find the right pair. They are either really unflattering or the proportions are all wrong. So when I tried on these beauts I was so happy that they were the perfect fit and super comfy too!

H&M- £19.99
The Primark in Bournemouth was huge and so much better than most Primarks I have been to. Primark is normally my idea of hell and I try to avoid it at all costs, but this time it was quite a pleasant shopping experience and I managed to find this cute little skirt. The price label said £9 and when I went to the till, it rang up as £5! Bargain! I love it when that happens.
Primark- £5
This is my new favourite thing ever! Having tried on a few lovely kimono jackets in Topshop I couldn't quite find the perfect one. Then I found this one in H&M. I love the detailed print on the back and the fringing at the bottom. It is the perfect Autumn cover up and I am sure I will be wearing it all the time!
H&M- £24.99
I am such a sucker for all the little bits and pieces they line up in the lead up to the till.  I spotted this little collar in the sale for £2 and I just had to have it! I am planning on adding it to a plain jumper to jazz it up a little and keep my neck that little bit warmer this winter!
H&M- £2

I also popped along to Matalan this weekend and spent my vouchers that I received from the #MatalanMovieClub event a couple of weeks ago. I bought this gorgeous little dress which you are not going to believe was in the kids section. Yes that's right, this dress is aged 12-13 years!! And it fits me perfectly! I suppose there are upsides to being ridiculously short and the size of a child! Plus it was a bargain £6!

I also got these tailored shorts which will be perfect with thick tights and boots for winter. Another bargain at £10!

And finally, to finish off my extremely monochrome theme, I bought this cute little clutch bag. I love the furry texture on this bag which I have noticed seems to be everywhere at the moment. This will be the perfect 'going out' clutch to go with everything! 

What do you think of my recent purchases? Have you done some retail therapy recently?


  1. Wow, love those tailored shorts! Literally such a sucker for tailored shorts and jackets, might have to go on a little shopping spree! I am seriously craving some new clothes now! Love your blog!

    Kassie xo

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