Saturday, 30 November 2013

Uniqlo S/S'14 Press Day

On Thursday I went along to the Uniqlo Spring Summer 2014 press day, showcasing all the new styles and collections for the new season. When I think of Uniqlo I think of simplicity and comfort, and that is exactly what they are trying to achieve with LifeWear. The LifeWear collection defines a new category of clothing, neither sportswear or casual wear, but a category which promotes comfort. The brand has nine distinct categories for 2014 as well as a range of Uniqlo T-shirts designed by Nigo, the brands' creative director, and a women's line, designed in collaboration with Parisian icon, Ines De La Fressange. 

My favourite parts of the collections were the AIRism, which work as the opposite to thermals and actually keeps you cool, perfect for the gym or the summer heat... I will be investing. And the Jeans sections. I am sure you, like me, hate shopping for jeans. There is nothing worse then trying to find your perfect pair. But Uniqlo make it easy and you can actually have your jeans altered if they are too long, free of charge! Perfect for shorties like me, and with prices starting at £19.90, they are a bargain too!

The Ines De La Fressange range was beautiful and the space was set out to reflect her personal style and how she would create her own home. The range consists of four categories, each designed to work together in various combinations, and each a classic piece on their own. The collection is so sophisticated and elegant with some gorgeous pieces, I wouldn't expect anything less of Parisian chic. 

All in all, I highly rate the new Uniqlo collection for S/S'14 and can't wait for it to hit stores. What do you think about Uniqlo? 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Long Weekend: Isle of Wight

I have just returned from the most perfect long weekend in the beautiful Isle of Wight with my boyfriend. If you have been following my blog for a while, you might have heard me talk about visiting the Isle of Wight before. My family has a cottage on the island and we visit from time to time for a nice little country break. We always used to go when I was younger and as we have got older visits are coming fewer and further between. Therefore, when I do manage to go down, I always appreciate it a lot more. This was the first time I have gone down without my family and with just my boyfriend... so feeling like a proper grown up now. The weekend was perfect, full of long country walks, meals in cosy pubs and long nights by the fire. 

When we arrived after getting some food shopping in, we walked straight down to the beach to watch the sunset, how romantic! The boy then cooked me his speciality, fajitas (the only meal he can cook) and we spent the night in front of the fire watching Saturday night TV. We also managed to visit lots of little towns and drove over to the other side of the island for some sightseeing. Unfortunately, as it was out of season, most places were completely dead, but it was still nice to wander along the beaches and eat out in cute little cafes. We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the cinema to see the new Hunger Games, as well as a teensy bit of shopping and some yummy meals out. Of course, the weekend involved lots of eating naughty things, and we even manged to make some slutty brownies! I have wanted to make these forever, since seeing them on The Londoners blog, and this was the perfect excuse. My god, did they taste amazing! All in all, it was an ideal trip and a great break from the bustling London life. Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another Christmas Wishlist...

What girl isn't a sucker for designer brands, and even better, cheap designer brands! My Christmas list just seems to be growing and growing quite unhealthily at the moment. It's always in early November when someone asks you what you want for Christmas and you have no idea and say you don't want anything...however, it comes to end of November and your list is the length of your arm! Maybe that's just me!? Anyway, I have come up with yet another Christmas wishlist today, again consisting of beautiful boots and yummy handbags. These items are from Brand Boudoir which is a website offering high end brands at bargain prices, with most things at 20% off the original price. It has everything from Chloe to Michael Kors to Jeffrey Campbell.  I am literally obsessed with boots at the moment and finding it impossible to pick just one pair, there are so many great styles around and way too many to settle for just one. These Michael Kors leopard print boots are completely perfect and I think will make any outfit look amazing.  I am also planning on buying my mum a new handbag for Christmas and have enjoyed doing the research far too much. The thing I love about buying presents for someone else is you can do all the searching and shopping so your getting your retail therapy without the guilty after-feeling of spending money on yourself. I think this Michael Kors bag below would be perfect for her, and who knows, maybe I will be able to borrow it sometime...! What's on your Christmas wishlist? 

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fluffy Checks

I love Autumn for two reasons. Firstly being able to wear cosy fluffy things and layering up, autumnal fashion is the best and always welcome after a summer of not being able to layer up and look stylish. Secondly because of the colours of the leaves on the trees, providing the perfect backdrop for outfit photos! It is finally the time to dig out my furry gilet which I have missed all summer long. I got this little beauty last winter from F&F at Tesco and it is the perfect thing to chuck on over any outfit as an extra layer. I have matched it today with a skirt form Primark which was a bargain £5 and a plain top. I'm also loving wearing my Dad's old vintage watch at the moment. It doesn't actually work any more though...but who needs to tell the time right!? 
Faux Fur Gilet- F&F
Skirt- Primark
Rings- Accesorize, Ebay and Holiday

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Littlewoods Christmas Wishlist

I have started early with Christmas this year! Normally I wouldn't start thinking about Christmas shopping or start getting excited about Christmas until way into December. However, this year I am being super organised and have already purchased most of my Christmas presents! After buying all my goodies for everyone else, it's time to start thinking about what I want for Christmas. I have decided this year that I would love a gorgeous new pair of good quality boots which are going to last me through a good few winters. I love a good pair of riding boots and have gotten  through quite a few in my time. This year I want a really nice, classic pair which will last. Also on my wish list is a beautiful statement coat to keep me cosy this winter. There are so many amazing coats around at the moment and I am completely spoilt for choice! 
I have been doing lots of internet 'browsing' recently trying to find my perfect presents and the other day I came across Littlewoods. I have never really looked at the Littlewoods website before and it is not a go-to site when I am searching for online purchases. However, after seeing their fab Christmas advert at the weekend (featuring Myleene Klass and Mark Wright at a funfair if you haven't seen it yet) I thought it was about time I give it a go! Littlewoods range of Boots are beaut this year and there's so many different brands to choose from that you are spoilt for choice. I love these 3 pairs and can't decide between them which I love the most. As well as some gorgeous Boots, Littlewoods range of Jackets and Coats are amazing. I am finding myself to be a little obsessed with furry jackets at the moment and want one in every colour. I also LOVE the black and white boyfriend shape jacket below. Now I just need to decide which one to ask Father Christmas for this year...

What's on your Christmas list this year?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jog On

Here's an outfit for you featuring some of my eBay favourites and my new joggers. As mentioned in a previous post about my little shopping spree, I have been looking for a pair of 'smart' joggers for aaages and I finally found these beauts in H&M. They are super comfy but still look smarter than your standard tracky bums! I paired them with my bargain top from eBay which cost me about £8 and my favourite shoes which I wish I could wear all through winter but unfortunately the weather is preventing me! All in all this super comfy outfit is perfect for a weekend of shopping and hanging out in cafes drinking coffee, which is exactly what I am doing this weekend!

Joggers- H&M
Leather Jacket- Topshop

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

Having received this product months and months ago now at the Nottingham Bloggers Meetup in April, I have finally got round to testing it out and seeing what it's all about. I was so excited to try it as, despite being a blogger, I am a firm believer in using up a product before trying out a new one as I hate to have loads of things on the go at one time. So the time came to crack into this little beauty, and I must say, it is a beauty! Initially I thought it would be a little too dark for me as it is a medium and I am fairly light-skinned, however, I would say it is pretty perfect, even on my pasty winter skin. It matches my colour so well and blends perfectly. I like using light foundations and normally stick with BB creams as I don't like my skin to look too 'made-up'. Although this is called a BB cream, I would say it is more of a foundation as it is slightly thicker than BB creams I would normally use. However, it is the perfect coverage for winter, when your skin needs that little bit of extra coverage. The texture is really light yet luxurious and smooths onto the skin perfectly. I just apply with my fingers as I would any other foundation/BB cream, and this seems to work perfectly. The cream does a great job of covering up blemishes and imperfections and giving my skin a really healthy glow. It is thick enough to cover yet light enough to look really natural and like you are not wearing much make-up. It is the perfect base for concealer and powder, plus it has SPF 50 in it!! No chance of any skin damage from all the sun we're getting!! (Can you sense the sarcasm?) At £23.50, it is slightly pricey if you're on a budget but definitely worth it for a flawless complexion that is going to do your skin some good! I would highly recommend.