Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another Christmas Wishlist...

What girl isn't a sucker for designer brands, and even better, cheap designer brands! My Christmas list just seems to be growing and growing quite unhealthily at the moment. It's always in early November when someone asks you what you want for Christmas and you have no idea and say you don't want anything...however, it comes to end of November and your list is the length of your arm! Maybe that's just me!? Anyway, I have come up with yet another Christmas wishlist today, again consisting of beautiful boots and yummy handbags. These items are from Brand Boudoir which is a website offering high end brands at bargain prices, with most things at 20% off the original price. It has everything from Chloe to Michael Kors to Jeffrey Campbell.  I am literally obsessed with boots at the moment and finding it impossible to pick just one pair, there are so many great styles around and way too many to settle for just one. These Michael Kors leopard print boots are completely perfect and I think will make any outfit look amazing.  I am also planning on buying my mum a new handbag for Christmas and have enjoyed doing the research far too much. The thing I love about buying presents for someone else is you can do all the searching and shopping so your getting your retail therapy without the guilty after-feeling of spending money on yourself. I think this Michael Kors bag below would be perfect for her, and who knows, maybe I will be able to borrow it sometime...! What's on your Christmas wishlist? 

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  1. wow, gorgeous pieces. My favourite is the Rebecca Minkoff bag *hint hint to the hubby* :) xx