Saturday, 2 November 2013

Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

Having received this product months and months ago now at the Nottingham Bloggers Meetup in April, I have finally got round to testing it out and seeing what it's all about. I was so excited to try it as, despite being a blogger, I am a firm believer in using up a product before trying out a new one as I hate to have loads of things on the go at one time. So the time came to crack into this little beauty, and I must say, it is a beauty! Initially I thought it would be a little too dark for me as it is a medium and I am fairly light-skinned, however, I would say it is pretty perfect, even on my pasty winter skin. It matches my colour so well and blends perfectly. I like using light foundations and normally stick with BB creams as I don't like my skin to look too 'made-up'. Although this is called a BB cream, I would say it is more of a foundation as it is slightly thicker than BB creams I would normally use. However, it is the perfect coverage for winter, when your skin needs that little bit of extra coverage. The texture is really light yet luxurious and smooths onto the skin perfectly. I just apply with my fingers as I would any other foundation/BB cream, and this seems to work perfectly. The cream does a great job of covering up blemishes and imperfections and giving my skin a really healthy glow. It is thick enough to cover yet light enough to look really natural and like you are not wearing much make-up. It is the perfect base for concealer and powder, plus it has SPF 50 in it!! No chance of any skin damage from all the sun we're getting!! (Can you sense the sarcasm?) At £23.50, it is slightly pricey if you're on a budget but definitely worth it for a flawless complexion that is going to do your skin some good! I would highly recommend.


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