Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sheepy Fleece and Clown Shoes

New shoes alert! Once again I have been trawling Ebay for some cracking finds, and this week are these fab boots, or as my mum has affectionately labeled them- my 'clown shoes'. Thanks mum! The time has come when I have to put my toes away for the winter and can no longer wear my white Ebay sandals, so a closed toe version was my only option. Like all Ebay buys from China, these did take about a month to come, but it was worth it in the end as they are so comfy! I teamed my new shoes with some of my other new items. Taking outfit photos really makes me realise how many clothes I buy. I have decided to not buy any more clothes until next year now as my December spending is purely dedicated to presents for other people! Anyway, I went on a bit of a spree recently in Monki, who have so many amazing pieces in at the moment! This fluffy fleece is the cosiest thing ever and I wear it all the time! I also bought this camisole top from there and I have paired it with my lace skirt from Zara. I love wearing these two together so it looks like a dress. What do you think?
Shoes- Ebay
Fleece- Monki
Necklace-Forever 21


  1. I like your clown shoes Abi :) xx

  2. I really like your style, it isn't feaureless. :) Happy Holidays dear!

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