Saturday, 29 March 2014


Today requires me to crack my sunglasses out! There is nothing better than a sunny Saturday chilling in the garden and catching up on some blog posts which is all I have been doing today. As well as having a spring clean of all my makeup and beauty items which I have accumulated too much of recently!

I am going to wear this outfit to go to London tomorrow with my mum for Mothers Day. We love a good girly day out in London full of eating, drinking and sightseeing and I am treating her to a theatre show too. We are are going to see The Commitments which I am very excited about- the perfect day out.

These are my new favourite trousers. If you know me you will know I am a big fan of funky trousers and these are the latest addition to my collection. My boyfriend actually chose these for me for Valentines day. He firstly bought me running gear...for Valentine's Day... which I politely rejected so he took them back and got me these instead! Second time lucky. I also bought this little cami top recently which is the most beautiful colour and perfect for a bit of sunshine. I have also received mixed reviews for my funky sunglasses chain. Very granny-ish, but I love it. I am forever loosing my sunglasses or leaving them places, so this chain is both practical and I think it looks pretty cool too. What do you think?
Trousers- River Island
Top- River Island
Shoes -Ebay
Coat- H&M
Sunglasses- Primark
Sunglass Chain- H&M
Watch- Uniform Wares 


  1. Those trousers are fantastic! I hope you and your mum have a lovely day in London, it sounds perfect! :) xx

  2. I actually love the sunglasses chain :D

  3. haha, at least he tried with the running gear! ;) Although these trousers are a much better option, and look lovely with the green xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  4. Love this, green is a great colour on you!

  5. Need those trousers! I absolutely love polka dot at the moment and I've been looking around for the perfect pieces so I can do 'double polka' - a bit like double denim ;)

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    Mags xx