Saturday, 15 March 2014

Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Tan

You may have seen that I recently attended the launch party for the Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Tan (read about it here). At the end of the fabulous party, we were all given a very generous goody bag containing lots of products including the brand new Darker Than Dark Self Tan. I had heard some great things about the Lauren's Way tanning products so was excited to give this one a go, as I am constantly on the quest for the best fake tan around!

As well as the tan, we were also given the Body Polish and Moisturiser so I decided to use the whole routine to get the full effect. I began with the polish in the shower. This had a really nice consistency and wasn't too harsh and left my skin feeling really smooth and soft afterwards. However, the smell was really peculiar and reminded me a bit of milk which I thought was a bit strange. But it did the job and left a great base for the tan. I then moisturised the the Prep and Mantain Moisturiser which again didn't have much of a strong scent, which I actually quite like in a moisturiser as heavily scented things don't tend to agree with my skin. The moisturiser was really creamy and nourishing and I used it all over my body, paying special attention to the knees and elbows! 

It was then time to tan! The first thing I noticed about the tan when applying was the smell-it had no smell! An absolute miracle in the tanning world! After leaving it overnight to do its work I woke up and still didn't smell! This is a first for me as most of the tans I have used in the past have left me smelling awful in the morning and left a lingering smell on my pyjamas and bed sheets until washed. So it was amazing to not have that tell-tale scent following me. As well as the wonderful smell suprise, the tan was really easy to apply and blended perfectly. Because it is a spray mist, it does tend to go everywhere when spritzing but I managed to spray it straight into my mit without making too much mess in my all-white bathroom! Once applied onto the skin it immediately gives a really nice colour which wasn't orange or 'fake' looking at all.

I was a bit nervous of using this as I am naturally very pale so shouldn't really use a tan called 'darker than dark'!! However, it really wasn't as dark as I was expecting and it gave me a really natural colour which looked like I'd just come back from holiday. The tan also lasted for about a week after only one application! However, by the end of the week I was turning into one of those scaly, peeling monsters and was a bit emabarrassed to show off my bare arms in public! However, all in all, I am very impressed with this tan and it defintely gives one of the best colours I have ever tried. Combined with the fact it doesn't make you smell of gone-off biscuits, I would have to say this is one of my favourites! 

Have you tried this tan? What do you think of it? 

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