Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mummy Day

Last Sunday I took my mum up to London for Mothers Day. We hadn't had a day out in London for ages as working up there during the week, the last thing I want to do at the weekend is face the long train journey and hustle and bustle again. However, my mum had been begging me for a while so I thought it was about time. I managed to get some cheap tickets for the West End show- The Commitments which I suprised her with a few days before and then we planned our little day trip around that. 

We decided to go up quite early and make the most of it. As it was a beautiful sunny day we managed to see London at its finest. We originally planned to go straight to The Breakfast Club for brunch as soon as we arrived. However, coming round the corner of the street we soon realised this was an unnobtainable feat....! Forgetting that it was a Sunday morning and prime brunch time, we hadn't anticipated the queue for the infamous brekkie spot. The queue went all the way down the street! We decided it probabaly wasn't worth the wait and went exploring to find elsewhere for a spot of brunch. We were planning on going to our classic
- Pain Le Quotidien, however we noticed a great little bar next to it and decided to give that a try instead. It was a place called Central & Co right opposite Liberty's. Although the decor inside was lovely, we decided to make the most of the British sunshine and sat outside to appreciate it. We had a delicious brunch of Heuvos Rancheros followed by granola and a side of iced coffee. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect breakfast to set us up for the day. We then popped into my favourite place- Ben's Cookies to grab a cheeky snack for the theatre later! 

Next we headed over to Camden. I love Camden in the sunshine, it feels like you are in another country with all the food stalls and amazing smells! We had an explore of the markets and into the Stables, which my Mum had never been to before. We soon lost track of time and rushed back to Leicester Square for our matinee show. 

The Commitments was great with some good sing along songs and lots of dancing at the end! After the show we headed to a bar opposite the theatre for some happy hour mojitos! Me and Mum can't seem to go anywhere without having a mojito...and as it was happy hour 2 4 1,of course we had to have double the amount! A little too much rum later, it was time for food. We decided to go over to Goodge Street area where there is an abundance of food places. We fancied a Pan Asian type food so settled on Dim T, which does the yummiset food. We had quite a large selecton, and of course, eyes bigger then our bellies. After stuffing ourselves, it was time to head home on the long commute. 

All in all, we had another wonderful day out, the perfect Mothers Day and some great quality time with my mum!