Sunday, 4 May 2014

Another Day Out

Yesterday myself, my best friend and both of our mums went up to London for a girly day out in the sunshine. We began our day at the wonderful Spanish festival on the South Bank. We were so lucky with the weather as the sun was shining all day and it was so toasty, it actually felt like we were in Spain! The Campo Viejo festival consisted of lots of amazing stalls along the river selling delicious food produce, from freshly cut parma ham to paella to churros! Everything I love about Spanish food. We decided to make the most of it and ended up getting a 3 course meal there. We began with some parma ham, olives and nibbles for starters, then went back for some paella for main and then finished it all off with churros and chocolate sauce. Of course, this was all washed down with a large jug of sangria...when in Spain! While we were there we also took part in an experiment they were holding. It was to discover whether the taste of food or drink is affected depending on your surroundings. The main reason we decided to do this was for a free glass of wine, obviously! But it was actually really interesting. We were taken into a room with a glass of wine each and asked to taste the wine in different lights. There were 4 different coloured lights, and different sounds. Surprisingly, we discovered that the taste of the wine was different depending on which 'setting' we were in. This fully explains why when you go on holiday and drink the local beer it tastes absolutely amazing, but then if you buy some and bring it home, it just doesn't taste the same when drinking it in your living room on a miserable English day! 

After we had fully made the most of the Spanish culture, we headed over to Camden. I love Camden in the sun, and always love finding new parts of the markets that I haven't discovered before. We spent a good few hours exploring the markets and taking in the summery atmosphere, which, always makes me feel like I am on holiday- a little less frightening version of the Souks in Marrakech! 

We then headed to Shaftesbury Avenue for a bite to eat and some much needed cocktails before our theatre date. We went to our favourite little watering hole, Bar Salsa, were they do delicious flavoured mojitos and play great Spanish music...can you spot a theme here? After a few too many cocktails we then headed to the Phoenix Theatre to see Once. It was such a beautiful show with some amazing music which I was singing all the way home. I have also downloaded the soundtrack today which I am obsessed with. After the show, our aching feet told us it was time to call it a day. We headed home, however, we had to stop in Trafalgar Square on the way for a bit of a boogie as a busker was playing some great songs, and everyone was just dancing and having a good time around him. When we couldn't dance any more, we headed back to Waterloo and of course, all fell fast asleep on the journey home! All in all, the perfect girly day out with a taste of holiday spirit all in good old London!



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