Sunday, 11 May 2014

Discovering Xen-Tan

One of our clients at work is the wonderful tanning brand Xen-Tan and on Thursday we had a spray tanning event for the brand. The event was held at National Magazines just off Carnaby Street so all the journalists in the building could come and grab a quick spray tan on their lunch break to add a little bit of sunshine to the dull weather. There were two spray tanners in action, both working tirelessly to get through the clients as each lady went behind the screens looking pale and emerged as a bronzed goddess. 

I admit that I am rubbish at applying my own fake tan. I always seem to have some kind of issue, be it streaky legs or patchy hands, so when I had the chance to have a professional spray tan I jumped at it! I have had a couple of spray tans before but I have never been very impressed with them. One I had didn't seem to do anything at all, and the other went patchy after a couple of days. However, I have now been converted to the Xen-Tan spray tan and can feel myself becoming a tanning addict. After my tan I felt like a new woman and the colour was so beautiful and natural. I really felt glowing and I have received so many compliments in the last few days saying how good I look! The tan is a really lovely natural colour and not at all orange. After all, Xen-Tans motto is 'olive not orange'. I was so impressed with the colour and longevity of the tan that I am defintely going to be trying out some more products from the range and will become a full on tanning convert. As we all know, life is better with a tan!