Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tortilla Review

Last weekend my boyfriend and I were treated to a lovely lunch from the wonderful people at Tortilla. We decided to visit the Oxford Circus branch as we were busy splashing the cash on Oxford Street on Sunday and a trip to Tortilla was just what we needed after all the strenuous shopping we endured.

If you haven't heard about it before, Tortilla is a fast food restaurant which serves delicious Californian style Mexican food. I must say, I think Mexican food has to be my favourite type of food at the moment and there's nothing I love more than a huge burrito or black bean salad for lunch. Therefore, I was super excited to try what Tortilla had to offer to see whether it would sway me away from my fist love: Chipotle. 

The first thing I noticed when entering the restaurant was the amazing decor. The place had a really cool, laid-back vibe with lots of cool art work on the walls and the most amazing chandelier made out of Corona bottles! What could be better! We then went to order our food, and if you have ever visited Chipotle, it was a very similar concept. Choose what you want- Burrito, Naked Burrito (a bowl/salad) and then you go along the line and tell the lovely lady exactly what you want inside. I went for the 'Naked Burrito' (which is all the good stuff without the calorific wrap) and Ben went for a large burrito (of course).  

The food was absolutely delicious and we both made many appreciative food noises as we devoured it. The portion was pretty big but we both still managed to finish it all off and were very satisfied afterwards. You don't get that horrible sick feeling afterwards when you know you have just eaten too much of something very naughty as the bowls are a pretty healthy lunch option. I must say, I still don't think the food was quite as tasty as Chipotle, however, the decor and ambience of Tortilla was a lot nicer and a huge plus point if you want to go somewhere to enjoy you meal rather than just a grab-and-go kind of place. Overall, we had a very nice lunch and Tortilla is the perfect place for a quick lunch date with delicious food where you know exactly what are you are going to get. Thumbs up from me. 


  1. the bottles on the ceiling are a nice touch to the atmosphere. The food looks delicious too.

    ~ K


  2. Love the sound of this - will look out for a Tortialla when next in London...x
    Carrie | What I Love Today x