Saturday, 19 July 2014


Finally! I can share with you my holiday photos from America! I have been back now for nearly 3 weeks and have been a very bad blogger as life has just got in the way. However, I have finally got round to uploading my thousands of photos from the trip and sharing with you a select few.

We started our trip in Princeton, New Jersey, which is where my grandparents live. Three days of spending some quality time with them in their gorgeous new home and exploring the beautiful city of Princeton was a great introduction to our trip. I absolutely love Princeton and the university is just idyllic. We spent a lot of time admiring the architecture and soaking up the atmosphere of the Ivy League town.

We then went onto the place I had been most looking forward to: New York. I have been lucky enough to visit New York quite a few times before and have done all the usual touristy things, therefore this time I wanted to do something a little different. After lots of research and tips from friends I planned out our itinerary. We were only there for 2 nights so had a lot to cram in! We managed to walk the High-Line, which is the old industrial railway line running above the city which they have now turned into a lovely walkway with beautiful gardens. It is like an oasis above the streets, a real must-do if you are in the city. It was also here that I bumped into the Made in Chelsea crew filming for the new series! We then went to Chelsea Market which is the coolest place ever with loads of funky cafes, bars and shops in an old renovated biscuit factory. We also walked around the Meatpacking district and Chelsea which is just a really cool area and you will notice a lot of locations from Sex and the City. Over the three days we were there we also did the Staten Island Ferry which takes you up close to the Statue of Liberty, we saw the 9/11 memorial which was just stunning and so moving to see. They have done an amazing job there and I would highly recommend a visit. We also hired bikes and cycled around the WHOLE of Central Park! This was a nice idea, however, it started to chuck it down with rain half way through... so didn't end up quite as fun as planned!! We also saw a Broadway show- If/Then with my absolute favourite Idina Menzel. The show was soooo good and we bought the soundtrack and I can't stop singing the songs! We also just walked EVERYWHERE which is the best thing to do in New York as we just saw everything. Bryant Park, New York Library, Radio City, the Rockafella Centre, South Street Seaport are all also musts to visit. We also had some yummy meals and ate LOADS of food! As well as seeing some more family members and being served by my cousin in a restaurant (5 Napkins - best burger I have ever had!!) Anyway, rambling over- that was New York and it was amazing! 

The Highline
Central Park 
9/11 Memorial
Central Park
We then went back to Princeton for one night and retrieved the car and headed on our road trip. We drove up to Massachusetts first to stay with family in a place called Manchester-by-the-Sea. (very different from Manchester here..) This place was beautiful with the most gorgeous beach! From here we visited Rockport which was the cutest little town where they filmed the Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds film The Proposal. It is a bit of a tourist trap but still absolutely beautiful. A couple of days later we headed up to Maine which was my favourite part of the trip. We were lucky enough to stay in my Uncle's holiday home which was just ridiculous. It was the ultimate American beach house and an absolute mansion!! It had the sea right at the end of the garden with a dock to swim off. Here, we spent a lot of time chilling out, sunbathing, kayaking and drinking wine on the dock! We also drove to some remote islands and had lobster in a tiny littler restaurant on the end of a pier in the middle of nowhere! It was idyllic. 

Recognise this from The Proposal?

After a couple of days of relaxation we then started our drive back down to Boston. We stopped off at a few places on the way. One of my favourites was Portland, which was a really cool city on the sea. It was just really pretty and had a proper American, laid-back feel to it. We finally arrived in Boston and we were staying in the Harvard area in a gorgeous Air BNB. I absolutely love Boston and we did all the typical things like a trolley bus tour around the city, a harbour boat trip and explored the grounds of Harvard university. We also had some amazing meals here with Boston being a hub for yummy restaurants and bars. 

Harvard Square
Harvard Football Stadium 

Finally we drove back down to Princeton for the last couple of nights to spend more time with the grandparents before heading home. 

All in all I had the most amazing trip, and it was so nice to spend some quality time with my mum and dad and our family over in the states as well as seeing some stunning places. This is a very quick and edited version and I am sure I have missed LOADS of stuff out but if anyone is visiting any of those places, let me know cos I have loads of tips and recommendations!! 


  1. It looks like you had so much fun! Perfect family time. I really want to see those gardens above the highway - I've seen the pictures and it looks a little surreal.
    P.s. You should visit portland sometimes, because I love here now and can give you a tour :)

    xx Sonya

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