Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hot Pink

As you may probably know, I love a good pair of trousers! They are my go-to staple piece and I have a ridiculous amount of coloured and patterned trousers in my wardrobe to choose from. I am loving this new pair I picked up from the River Island sale recently, although they are not the most flattering as the only pair they had left was a size 6! I do have to undo the top button if I am sitting down for a long period of time and always have to at meal times!! But they were a bargain so it doesn't matter...I love wearing them with a white t-shirt for a more casual look or a cute bralet for an evening look!

Trousers- River Isalnd
Top- H&M
Waistcoat- F&F
Shoes- Topshop
Bracelet- Primark 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Monday Night Music

Last Monday I headed over to Hoxton for a live music gig by Bloc Party legend Kele. I have been pretty absent from blogging for the last couple of weeks as I have just moved into a lovely new flat in London so life has been pretty hectic trying to get everything organised. We moved in last weekend so I decided to make the most of my first week day night of not having to face the long commute home and went along to the event with my flatmate. 

The exclusive album launch party was held at The Macbeth and sponsored by Jack Daniels who have partnered up to create 'Jack Rocks The Macbeth'. The music campaign sees the venue holding a mixture of specially-curated live performances and stripped down acoustic sets from a number or performers from La Roux to Claire Barrow. The 150 year old live music pub holds up to 300 fans so each gig is very intimate and personal.

Kele performed his new album 'Trick' to the 250 strong crowd with the album also being launched on the same day. 

I had a great night hearing some new music and drinking the special Jack Daniels cocktails all night, including my new favourite- Jack Honey and Lemonade.

If you fancy heading down to The Macbeth for some intimate live music, be sure to follow NME and the Jack Daniel’s Twitter page who will be announcing the live acts and details will be given about 
how fans can attend and get involved in the activities planned there. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

My Hair Care Essentials

I have extremely thick hair and although I know people always want thick hair, it has always been such a big issue for me. First of all, my hair goes HUGE as soon as it gets any moisture, think humidity hair, think Monica-from-Friends hair. Ever since the age of about 10 I coined the phrase 'poofy hair'. This seems to cover all situations when my hair isn't as dead straight as I want it to be. Ever since the age of 13 when I got my first pair of hair straighteners, I have been a straightening devotee! I always straighten my hair to get rid of the 'poofiness' that seems to overtake it. However, I think I have finally found the right products to suit it and make it the best it can be Therefore, I thought I would share with you my favourite hair products and recommendations.
First of all, my recently discovered and now favourite product: Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. If you don't have the budget for Morrocan Oil, then this is a slightly cheaper alternative and definitely the next best thing, if not better. I apply it after washing my hair when it is still slightly damp and it makes my hair so shiny and healthy.
My next all time favourite hair product is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, which does exactly what it says on the tin. This hair mask is an absolute miracle worker, leaving your hair feeling silky smooth! I have been using bottle after bottle of this for about 5 years now and nothing else can even compare!
Another of my fail-safe products is L'Oreal Elnett Satin heat protection spray, an absolute must for all the straightening fans among you! I use the '3 Days Straight' version and again, I have tried others but keep coming back to this one every time.
I always finish off styling my hair with a little bit of serum to try and keep the frizz under control! My favourite at the moment is the Kiko Restorative Hair Serum which smells yummy and seals the hair cuticles to keep my hair shiny and frizz-free all day long.
Finally the all time best solution for poofy hair is the ultimate pair of straighteners, GHD's. These are absolute life savers as I am sure you are all aware. As far as I'm concerned no other hair straightener can touch it! I would be lost without my GHD's and find myself taking them everywhere and I find it impossible to use any other brand- ultimate brand loyalty... I got my first pair at 15 and I am already on my 4th!
So there you have it, my product guide to luscious locks. You may never be in love with your hair but there are definitely many ways to make the most of what you've got.