Saturday, 8 November 2014

My Top 3: Primers

I love using a face primer. I must admit, I don't always get round to it everyday-  when I am just going to work I tend to skip this step just to save on time but the rest of the time I love to use a primer to just make my skin look a whole lot better. I really like primers that illuminate and give you a bit of a glow, as opposed to mattifying ones. I'm a big fan of the dewy look and would rather look a little shiny than completely matte. I have 3 favourite primers at the moment which I tend to alternate between depending on what I am doing. 

The first of my faves is the Vitamin C Skin Reviver from The Body Shop (£15). This is a really great base for make up and makes your skin feel amazing. It is quite a thick texture but spreads on to the face to completely smooth the skin, leaving it velvety soft. This is probably the most mattifying of the three and is what I would use at that time of the month when my skin is a little shinier than normal to get rid of some of the grease. This one also smells absolutely amazing- think fresh oranges, and it contains Amazonian camu camu and brazil nut oil... sounds good to me! 
 Secondly is the wonderful That Gal from Benefit. I have been a huge fan of this primer for ages and have purchased it a couple of times now. I think of this more of a highlighter and it really gives your skin a brightening effect.This one doesn't really smooth out the skin tone or cover imperfections, but it just adds a really healthy, radiant glow to make your face look that much brighter. I love using this one for a night out to give a bit more of a glow to my skin. Plus this one is the priciest of the lot, at £22.50, so I don't like to waste it on every day!
 Finally a new discovery of mine is the Kiko Face Skin Glow. This is actually described as a day cream but I like to think of it as more like a primer. I use my normal moisturiser and then use this before applying my foundation. This is a really beautiful, light cream that makes the skin look instantly brighter and healthier. It has a slight pinky tinge to it with just the slightest of subtle shimmer to make the skin glow. As it is a day cream, it is really moisturising and also has SPF 10 in it. I use this on a day to day basis when I have the time for the extra step and it is also great for those good skin days to just use by itself with no foundation to give your skin that little bit of extra help. Good news- this is currently on sale for just £5- I have already stocked up!

 Here you can see the consistencies of each one (in order).As you can see they are all completely different textures and colours.
Do you use a primer? Which is your favourite?

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