Friday, 20 February 2015


I have come to the end of some of my favourite products in the last couple of weeks. Therefore, I thought I would share an 'empties' post with you to show you the products I have been loving and whether I will be repurchasing them again or not...
First up: Antipodes Divine Face Oil. This stuff is an absolute dream and I am so gutted it has come to the end. I actually won this product at a blogger meetup I went to a couple of years ago in Nottingham!  This is a hero product of mine and works wonders on tired, dull skin. I use this before bed after cleansing my face instead of a moisturiser. I 'push' it into my skin rather than rubbing as this helps it to penetrate further. I always wake up with glowy, soft skin the morning after and my face feels bright and fresh all day. I probably only use this about twice a week or whenever I think my skin needs a boost. I will most certainly be repurchasing this product again as I cannot imagine my life without it now! However, at £18.99 its not cheap so may be something that’s added to my upcoming birthday list! 
The all time classic and every beauty lovers favourite.. the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I love this stuff- it is such an amazing all-rounder that can be used on lips, dry patches, cuts... you name it! I tend to use it mostly on my lips as an intense moisturiser. I also sometimes use it on little patches of eczema on my hands which I have found works really well! This is my ultimate travel essential and I take it everywhere with me. I will definitely be repurchasing this at some point again, but at the moment I find it pretty similar to my Paw Paw lotion so I will probably wait til it runs out before buying another, They tend to do good deals on Elizabeth Arden at airports or on flights so I will wait til I travel somewhere to buy this so I get a good bargain! I also love the 8 Hour Hand Cream from Elizabeth Arden which leave your hands intently nourished and smooth! 
Next up- Mourish Revital-Eyes. Unfortunately, this is a product I won't be repurchasing and was quite disappointed with. I can't actually remember where I got this product from but it was sitting in my beauty cabinet for a while before I got round to using it. This may well be why it wasn't at its best because it was quite old by the time I got round to using it.... but I think I am just making excuses for it now. Firstly, it had quite an unpleasant smell. For something you are putting on your face and so close to your nose, you would hope it would smell nice. It wasn't repulsive but just wasn’t particularly nice. It goes on nicely and feels smooth after applying, however, I have noticed since using it that the skin around my eyes has got quite red and thin and I am starting to look old! Now... this could be due to inevitable ageing and as I am turning 24 in a couple of months maybe I am developing my first wrinkles. However, this product really didn't do it for me and I have seen no improvements to my eye area. I am intrigued to try other products from their range because I have heard some really good things about it so maybe I just had a bad batch!
Finally, it pains me to say that my favourite perfume has run out. Perfume is something that I would never think to buy for myself. It is very much reserved for the Christmas list and is definitely a fail-safe gift option. That's why I am pretty gutted to have run out (nearly) of this one. It is called La Vie Belle from Lancome and it is just the most beautiful scent. I am normally not a fan of 'girly' perfumes and much prefer mens perfumes to womens but there is something about this one that I love. It is not overly sweet or flowery and the scent lingers for ages, which I love! Perfumes are something that are unnecessarily expensive for what they are (how much can it cost for some smelly water!?) which is why I would never spend £50 on a perfume for myself... therefore I may have to wait for Christmas to come round again before I ask for another... until then it looks like I will be using up some of the 10 half-used bottles sitting on my dressing table! 
Have you tried any of these products? 


  1. I love the Eight Hour Cream. It's the only thing that stays on my lips overnight, and I can still fell it in the morning. :)

  2. I hate the 8 hour cream from the smell right to the texture which I think is vile and like Vaseline x