Sunday, 8 February 2015

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

I have been using the gorgeous Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum from Jurlique every night for the past couple of weeks and I love it! The beautiful formula is easy to apply and leaves my skin feeling glowy. 

The youth defence serum is designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, increase elasticity, restore radiance and increase hydration. This is a great 'drink' for your skin and adds in all the moisture that is lost during winter. My skin always gets extra dry in winter and I often fall victim to the horrible 'flaky nose' (not attractive). Therefore, I love this to give my skin that extra moisture boost. It also helps protect against environmental aggressors, which is great now that I am living in London. I recently read an article that said Oxford Circus and Putney High Street have breached the legal pollution limits for Nitrogen Dioxide. As I live next to Putney High Street and work next to Oxford street it is a bit scary hearing about the harmful levels of pollution constantly surrounding me. Therefore, I am trying to take extra precautions to protect my skin from the damage. First step: applying a protective serum like this one. I am also a great believer in using anti-ageing products from a young age to reduce the first signs of ageing before it is too late. This product helps to minimise the first signs of ageing, which is great for someone in their twenties to nip those nasty wrinkles in the bud! 

 The one downside of this product is the smell. It is nothing unpleasant but it has a very floral scent which I am really not keen on. I have never liked the smell of flowers and especially not beauty products or perfumes that smell of flowers. So, unfortunately, it just doesn't do it for me on the scent front.

All in all, I am a huge fan of this product and love the way it has improved my skin in general. At £45 it is not cheap so definitely an investment... however, the bottle is HUGE in comparison to most face serums so should last for ages! 

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