Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Estee Lauder BASE

Foundation is the one thing I can just never get right. I have gone through my whole adult life trying to find the perfect foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturiser and I have never found one that was perfect for me. I have tried product after product and I think I have found the 'one' for a month or so and then I realise it's not the right shade/consistency/formula and begin the search again. However, I am pleased to say... I think I have found 'the one'. Well... the one for winter!

I came across the Estee Lauder Perfectionist foundation after visiting the stand in House of Fraser with my mum. My mum was on the search for a new foundation and I went along to help her out. I told her how I had heard how great Double Wear Foundation is so she tested that one out. The guy on the counter was amazing and did a wonderful job at colour matching her and assessing her needs so I decided to get him to have a look at my skin too. He came to the conclusion that I needed a light foundation that was going to still give a little bit of coverage and give me a natural glow without looking like I was too 'madeup.' I had been wearing bb cream and tinted moisturiser before which didn't quite give me the coverage I need in the winter when my skin has been quite red and uneven. Therefore, the Perfectionist was the perfect foundation for me. As I said, it is light and not too heavy- giving a natural looking base and but still covering up imperfections. It is the perfect shade for me pale skin, however, come the summer I am sure I will want something a little darker and dewier. I have had so many compliments on my skin since wearing this foundation and I love that it looks really natural and like I am wearing hardly anything. 

I also picked up the Double Wear Concealer which has been an absolute God-send. I use the concealer on any blemishes or imperfections as well as under my eyes to hide those nasty dark circles which seem to be ever-increasing as I get older! The consistency of the concealer is great- not too thick and doesn't leave creases under the eyes like so many other concealers. It does a great job of covering up blemishes and never goes dry or crusty. 

The lovely guy at the counter also gave us both an Advanced Night Repair Serum tester to try out. So many people I know have said this is the best product on the market and has completely transformed their skin. I loved the tester so much that I have just gone back and bought the full size bottle too. I apply this at night before my normal moisturiser and I have already seen improvements in my skin. Although I have only used it for a couple of weeks and don't always remember to apply every night, I can't judge the results too much- but I am definitely loving what it has done for my skin so far!

Overall, I am a complete Estee Lauder convert and can see myself investing in many more of their products. Do you use anything from Estee Lauder? What are your favourite products? 


  1. I am RUBBISH at finding the right foundation! I had a fab one from Benefit until I got pregnant with my 1st son and the smell made me want to vom..4yrs later I am still searching! x

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